A Day of Roses

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A Day of Roses

I am obsessed with roses.

It’s taken about two years of intense rose-sniffing but I have become wholly and completely obsessed with rose perfumes. I’d even go as far saying that rose is my favourite note. In fact, I’m going to say exactly that: rose is my favourite note in perfumery. I simply cannot get enough and whilst I’ve already written a guide to rose perfumes and even battled them on Fume Chat, I feel as I haven’t quite got my adoration for the note out of my system yet. So with that in mind, here’s a bit of a different approach to an article that allows me to wax lyrical about roses once more.

Roses are one of the most versatile ‘notes’ in perfumery. I say ‘note’ but there really is a vast array of rose materials used in perfumery, some to give a rosy impression and others to add complexity to other compositions. I want to celebrate this versatility of rose but instead of just compiling a guide to roses I’ve decided to showcase the many gradients of rose by creating a day of roses. The idea is very simple: these are roses for morning, noon and night and if you want, you could simply pick one for the time you need it, or if you’re adventurous you could transition through all nine during the day. Whatever you choose, I hope you’ll agree that there really is a rose for every minute, moment and mood.

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Super Scent is Coming…

Super Scent is Coming...

Super Scent is Coming…

Lists, lists, lists, us perfume bloggers do love our lists. But hey, what’s not to love? There’s always something satisfying about reading a rundown of a particular genre, perfumer or brand, and it’s safe to say that lists really scratch the curious itch of the perfume lover, myself included. With this in mind, I have teamed up with the very talented Persolaise for a semi-regular series of list-based posts on both our blogs.

We’re calling the series ‘Super Scent’ and in each instalment, we will be giving a run down of what we consider to be the very best scents available from a particular, well-known brand. The idea is to individually rank our top offerings and marvel at how similar or different they are. We also hope that you will chime in with your top fragrances from each brand in these posts too.

The first post will be live this coming Monday, and to kick off, Mr. P and I have picked one of the most important, influential and iconic brands of all time as our initial feature. Who will they be? Well, you’ll just have to tune in on Monday to find out! In the meantime, enjoy my review of Opus IX, the latest fragrance from Amouage, which will be popping up on the blog early this afternoon. Have a fab weekend!