General Disclaimer

I work from a passion for fragrance. The information and opinions contained within this blog are very much my own opinion.

I am no paid to feature/review products (except on rare occasions where I have featured sponsored content) and I will always disclose where samples are obtained from. I am in the fortunate position to receive products directly from brands for review however, there is never input from these brands as to the content of the review.

A further note on sponsored content. I will only ever feature sponsored content (i.e. an article that I am paid to write for a brand) if I believe that a brand is one that I would normally recommend. My impartiality is important to me and therefore, you will never find sponsored content from a brand that I would not recommend if I was not in receipt of payment. In any case, sponsored posts will always be highlighted in the disclaimer section at the bottom of the post. I’ve done about a handful of sponsored posts in my nearly ten years of blogging, FYI.

I undertake freelance work with Olfiction, a unique consultancy working in the fragrance industry. At Olfiction, I work with a variety of brands within the fragrance and cosmetics industries to create rich content, including pack copy, web copy and fragrance storytelling. I also undertake speaking engagements, deliver training, and provide a consultancy service to brands on their products, marketing, and social engagement. For more info head over to Olfiction.

I work freelance for escentual.com as their Fragrance Expert. My role involves a weekly column, consultancy and social media presence (e.g. instagram lives). You can see my work over on Escentual.