Welcome to The Candy Perfume Boy – a four-time Jasmine Award winning perfume blog.


I am The Candy Perfume Boy and my mission is to make perfume accessible. I want to cut through the marketing gumf, destroy the snobbery, and demystify the materials to bring you wonderfully fragrant content that is easy to digest and fun to read.


On this blog you will find regular reviews of the latest perfume launches as well as musings on the art of perfumery and the industry that makes it. Whether you are a perfume addict or simply a casual visitor to the world of olfaction, The Candy Perfume Boy will bring you everything you need and want to know about perfume.


Before diving in to the blog, there are some things that you should know about The Candy Perfume Boy. First and foremost, I’m a firm believer that one shouldn’t take perfume too seriously (it is just perfume, after all) so let’s have a little bit of fun with it. Secondly, there is no right or wrong in perfume – all one can do is follow their nose. I am not a ‘critic’ and my opinion is simply that, my opinion. I try not to write about things that I don’t like or have no interest in (after all, something I hate may be your favourite perfume and who is to say that my taste is better) so what you will find here are perfumes that I find interesting, challenging or beautiful. So let’s have fun – let’s do wacky things like scent celebrities and let’s passionately enjoy perfume, because it really is a wonderful thing.


Come sniff with me and let’s enjoy our scented adventure together.


Scentfully Yours,


The Candy Perfume Boy