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I work from a passion for fragrance. The information and opinions contained within this blog are very much my own opinion.

I’m happy to receive samples to review, however it is important to note a few things:

– Sending of samples does not guarantee a review

– All reviews will be impartial and based upon my personal opinion and the merits of the product, if I love it I will say so and if I’m not so keen, I will also say so (or I may choose not to write about it).
– Samples will only be used for review and will NEVER be resold for personal gain and I reserves the right to pass samples on as part of blog giveaways or good will.

– In terms of sponsored content, any such articles would receive a clear disclaimer and I would only proceed if I personally believe in the product being featured.

A further note on sponsored content. I will only ever feature sponsored content (i.e. an article that I am paid to write for a brand) if I believe that a brand is one that I would normally recommend. My impartiality is important to me and therefore, you will never find sponsored content from a brand that I would not recommend if I was not in receipt of payment. In any case, sponsored posts will always be highlighted in the disclaimer section at the bottom of the post.