I had the pleasure of hosting industry legends Chris Yu and Laurent Delafon on my latest episode of Live @ Five (my instagram live series). Chris and Laurent are the founders of Ostens, a British niche brand created for curious noses that celebrates the beautiful raw materials perfumers use every day. Working with IFF (and IFF-LMR), Ostens work with legendary perfumers (Dominique Ropion, Sophie Labbe, and Bruno Jovanovic, just to name a few), giving them carte blanche to create a fragrance inspired by a specific raw material (either a natural or an aroma chemical) which is sold alongside the isolated material. It’s a fascinating and unique brand.

In this episode of Live @ Five, we chat about Chris and Laurent’s love of perfume, how they got into the fragrance biz, what inspired them to create their own brand, and what the future holds for Ostens. We also talk about the creative process and Cedarwood Heart Impression, which is Ostens’ scent of the season. It’s a really fascinating chat and you can check it out by clicking here or by heading below the jump for the embedded video.

Live @ Five is my instagram live series where I interview interesting people in or around the perfume industry. My aim is to showcase all the different roles in the industry, not just perfumers and brand owners/creative directors, but all of the other cogs in the wheel, so to speak.

PR professionals have played a massive role in my blogging career so as one of the events to celebrate 10 years of The Candy Perfume Boy it made perfect sense that my guest should be Nicola de Burlet, owner of The PR Studio. Nicola has over 20 years PR experience, having worked with big luxury brands such as CHANEL, Givenchy, Cartier, Hermès and more. She founded The PR Studio in 2016. We will be talking about Nicola’s career and the role of PR in the perfume industry!

Join us: Monday 19 July @ 17:00 BST