I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, Parfums de Marly blend a heritage, renaissance aesthetic with a modern olfactory output really rather well. Their best seller, the milky, sugar-crystal-covered rose Delina is a genuinely innovative and unique composition (by the masterful Quentin Bisch, no less) that certainly deserves its cult status. That said, it’s a big collection and not everything resonates with me (I tend to lean towards the feminines than the masculines) but I’m always curious to see what the brand is up to.

Well, what they’re up to is Oriana – their latest launch. Presented in beautiful Candy Perfume Pink (I should patent that…), Oriana feels very much like an extension of Delina’s baby pink rose. This time though, things have got a whole lot gourmand, with key notes of marshmallow, orange blossom and Chantilly cream folded into something brighter, bolder and more delicious. Parfums de Marly describe Oriana as a “mille-feuille of flaky sweetness, softness, and sensuality” and if that’s not enough to make you hungry to try it, then I don’t know what is! Let’s sniff!