I am so thrilled to be a finalist in this year’s Fragrance Foundation UK Jasmine Awards (the Oscar’s of perfume writing), with two of my articles nominated across three categories, and an episode of Fume Chat (the fragrance podcast I co-host with Nick Gilbert) in another. I’m especially pleased to see my article ‘Trapped in a Scent Memory’ nominated for the Literary Award. This was an intensely personal (and deeply emotional) piece about how I have come to terms with a difficult scent memory (or maybe, how I’m still coming to terms with it). Congrats to all of the finalists! Such wonderful company to be in.


Yesterday The Fragrance Foundation announced the winners of the Jasmine Awards 2018 and I am so thrilled to tell you that Fume Chat, the fragrance podcast that I host with my good friend (and perfume genius, let’s face it) Nick Gilbert, picked up an award in the Innovation Category for Episode 18 – The War of the Roses ft. Josephine Fairley. We put a huge amount of work in to making Fume Chat so it’s so wonderful to receive such recognition in the form of our very first award.

This is now my fifth Jasmine Award – I simply cannot believe it! Writing, or in this case talking about perfume, is my passion and to be recognised by the industry body so many times is hugely mind-blowing. Thank you to Nick for being my scented partner in crime and for bringing wit & wisdom to Fume Chat – Fume Chat would not be Fume Chat without you! Thank you to Jo Fairley for being the perfect podcast guess on our winning episode, and for sharing your expert knowledge. Finally, thank you too my husband Nigel for the unbending support – for each encouraging word, cup of tea when I’m struggling with a deadline or writer’s block, and for being there every step of the way.

The 2018 Jasmine Award winners are:

The Jasmine Awards 2015
The Jasmine Awards 2014

I absolutely cannot believe my luck! After receiving four nominations (for five articles) in the 2014 Jasmine Awards, I am completely extremely excited to announce that at the ceremony yesterday, I was lucky enough to win the ‘Digital Award’ for the second year in a row. I took the award home for my Escentual article ‘M is for Mugler‘ – an instalment in my Escentual A-Z of fragrance that was dedicated entirely to my favourite perfume brand, Thierry Mugler. To say I’m chuffed, would be an understatement and I absolutely must send a massive thank you to the team at Escentual, especially Emma, for all of their support and hard work.

I wasn’t the only one to pick up an award though and congratulations must also go out to Persolaise, who took home the ‘Blogger Award’ for his Basenotes piece, ‘Guardians Of The Past – A Trip To The Osmotheque‘. I’d also like to congratulate Lee Kynaston, who won the ‘Digital Experience’ award for his article, ‘How to Get the Most Out of Your Fragrance’ for fashionbeans.com, and I mustn’t also forget Liam Moore of ODOU Magazine and Dana El Masri for taking home the ‘Literary Award’ for the piece, ‘Reflection Eterna’l. This is the second year in a row that ODOU has won the much-coveted Literary Award, so massive congrats are due!

The Jasmine Awards 2015
The Jasmine Awards 2015

The Jasmine Awards shortlist is out and I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been shortlisted in not one, not two, but four categories, with a total of five articles from this blog, Escentual and ODOU magazine making their way into the nominations! To say that I’m over the moon is a massive and dramatic understatement, and it truly is an honour to see recognition for my writing, especially amongst so many of my very talented peers.

Hosted by The Fragrance Foundation, the Jasmine Awards “recognise and reward the talents of journalists and visualisers whose difficult task it is to translate the complex art of perfumery into words and pictures”, awarding ten prizes across a variety of fragrant mediums, including digital and print. The awards, set to be held at BAFTA on 18 March 2015, are a celebration of fragrance journalists, their excellent writing and passion for the world of olfaction.

Click below the jump to see which categories I’ve been shortlisted in. A full list of all the categories can be found here. I’d like to say a massive and heartfelt congratulations to all who are nominated – I am in exceptional Company and it’s truly wonderful to see so many talented writers and more importantly, friends receiving the hard earned recognition that they well and truly deserve.

The Jasmine Awards 2013
The Jasmine Awards 2013

Well, yesterday was an absolute of whirlwind of a day! After the joy of being shortlisted in the 2013 Jasmine Digital Award category for my Guide to Violet (in very esteemed company I must add) I am thrilled to announce that I was lucky enough to win the prize at yesterday’s ceremony held at BAFTA. I am of course, incredibly chuffed to have been bestowed with such an award and am very thankful to the Jasmine judges and the Fragrance Foundation for considering me – it truly is an honour.

I wasn’t the only one to pick up an award though and congratulations must go out to Liam Moore whose magazine ‘ODOU‘ received three nominations and was awarded the coveted Literary Award (Magazine) prize for Neil Chapman’s (he of The Black Narcissus) piece ‘Perfume Haters‘. A hearty well done, congratulations and hooray for both Neil, Liam and all of the other winners – a full list of which can be found at the Jasmine Awards website.