Arpège by Lanvin
This Week’s Escentual Post is a Review of Lanvin’s Arpège (André Fraysse; 1927)

When one amasses a decent collection of perfumes it is inevitable that hidden gems will get forgotten amongst the plentiful array of bottles. This is most certainly the case with me and my incredibly disorganised system of filing perfumes (in two boxes and numerous drawers around the house) means that I will often find myself discovering long-lost loves whilst in the midst of a decent rummaging session. Lanvin’s wonderful Arpège was one of these unfairly neglected perfumes.

I rediscovered my bottle of Arpège this week and couldn’t get it off my brain. Out of all of the aldehydic florals (Nº5 and Nº22 etc) it is easily my favourite but it simply doesn’t get talked about enough, despite the fact that it radiates with cuddly, maternal warmth. Inspired by my rediscovery, this week’s Escentual column focuses on this most timeless of perfumes that seems to have aged rather well. If you’d like to read my review please click here to head on over to the Escentual Blog. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about the perfume, whilst you’re there!