If you asked me to sum up my thoughts on the Italian niche brand The Merchant of Venice, I’d say that I think their fragrances are very nicely done and beautifully presented but lack a bit of inspiration. They’re not the type of brand one would go to for something new or innovative, instead they offer up familiar styles of perfumery executed very well. The quality of The Merchant of Venice is apparent in everything they do, from their bottles to the fragrances themselves, so it would be fair to say that what the brand offers is a classical take on perfumery where luxurious materials are central to everything they do right from the compositions to the presentation of the bottles.

The Merchant of Venice have a number of collections, with the newest being the Murano Exclusive Collection. Launching exclusively in Harrods, this collection celebrates the ‘East meets West’ aesthetic of the brand with six oriental fragrances, each of which is housed in a heavy flacon shaded in gold and deep venetian blue. Vinegia, the stand out in the collection, is composed by perfumer Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel and promises to express “the splendour, the opulence, and the fascinating alchemy for which the ancient world of spices is justifiably renowned”. Let’s check it out.

The Prettiest Perfume Collection Around

In terms of presentation, Italian brand The Merchant of Venice have nailed it. Their flacons perfectly celebrate Murano glass with deigns that range from the sublime to the quirky. They are simply beautiful objects but what about the juice inside these gorgeous bottles? Well, across their two collections, The Merchant of Venice offers well-composed and wearable scents that may not rock the boat, but do smell intriguing enough to warrant further sniffing. Click here to read my Escentual review to find out which ones were my favourite!