It’s Valentine’s Day today and if you’ve forgotten to get your loved one a gift and are within the vicinity of a Miller Harris store, I may have just saved your bacon – you can thank me later! This year, MH are encouraging us to ditch the idea of a dinner out, or a cinema date, or even a romantic stroll in the park, no, they want us to stay in bed and you know, do the stuff you do in bed (you know, crocheting, sleeping, antiquing etc.). To aid you in your romantic antics, Miller Harris have created a beautifully fragrant and niftily customisable scented candle featuring one of their most stunning scents: Rose Silence.

The Alternative Valentine's Day Gift Guide
The Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s February already?! Where exactly did January go? Who knows! February means one thing – Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year where we all go a bit mad for the ones we love. It may be a whole 9 days away, but now is the time to start thinking about just how you’re going to spoil your significant other (here’s a hint: perfume is always good).

But what if you’re not attached to anyone at present? Well, if you’re sick of everyone else being loved up and you being, well, not, then I have just the thing for you – a little something called “treat yo’ self”. In lieu of the usual Valentine’s Gift Guide, I have put together a list of treats for those singletons out there to enjoy. After all, there isn’t quite anything like spoiling yourself now, is there? Click here to read the guide.

A Gift of Roses for Valentine's Day
A Gift of Roses for Valentine’s Day

So if you’re just recovering from Christmas Day and New Year (personally, I’m still trying to shed that darn turkey-weight) you’ll be shocked to know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That’s right, you blinked and missed January so now it’s time to think about showering that special someone in your life with lots of lovely gifts to say those important three words.

Of course you don’t have to give gifts to say “I love you” and you don’t need one special day in the year to do so – I for one try to make an effort to profess my undying adoration for my beau at least once a day (normally just after I’ve been served dinner). But if you’re looking for a little token for your love, then what better way to show your love than with the gift of perfume?

Roses are the traditional flower to gift on the day of Saint Valentine, so for my Escentual column this week I have pieced together a veritable bouquet of beautiful rose scents for you to give as lovely fragrant gifts. They range from the straight-up photorealistic rose to the hedonistic oriental rose via a brief stop at the raunchy bedroom rose. So, please click here to head on over to the Escentual blog and read ‘A Gift of Roses’.