Fume Chat Episode 10: Is Packaging Important?

Fume Chat Episode 10 is here!

Fume Chat Episode 10 is here!

Jeez, I can’t believe we’re on episode 10 of Fume Chat already! But here we are and episode 10 is an exciting discussion about one aspect of perfume that doesn’t always get spoken about.

Inspired by a rather lovely lacquered perfume box, Thomas and Nick discuss perfume packaging in this week’s episode. Is it all about the juice or does the packaging matter too? The short answer is yes so our hosts discuss some of their favourite packaging from the sublime to the monstrous, whilst Nick talks through the development of the presentation for Penhaligon’s limited edition fragrance ‘Tralala’.

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Fume Chat Episode 09: New Fragrance Round-Up Pt. 3 – Crazy Kisses, Sex Panthers & Hamster Maids


It’s Fume Chat, It’s Fume Chat, Here we Go!

In their first new fragrance round-up of 2017, Nick and Thomas talk about the Fragrance Foundation’s Jasmine Awards before sniffing a selection of exciting scents that have just launched. They range from the human warmth of a sexy powder scent to one that feels like drippy lipgloss, with a few functioning alcoholics and randy animals thrown in for good measure.Scents sniffed: ALAÏA Paris Eau de Parfum Blanche by ALAÏA, Clandestine Clara by Penhaligon’s, Baiser Fou by Cartier, Wow! by Joop, Eau de Merveilles Bleue by Hermès and Aqua Celestia by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

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Fume Chat Episode 08: The Serge Lutens Battle of the Bottles


Fume Chat Episode 08: The Serge Lutens Battle of the Bottles

We’re back with another Battle of the Bottles and this time we’re battling one of the greats: Serge Lutens. Uncle Serge, as he is often affectionally referred to, is a pioneer of the niche fragrance industry and boasts a range of perfumes that can only be described as phenomenal, which certainly made picking our scented weapons for this battle rather tricky.

Luckily for us, we’re joined by the wonderful Perfumer Liz Moores of Papillon Artisan Perfumes to help us navigate the exotic and beautiful world of Serge Lutens as our guest judge. What ensues is a wonderful discussion of dastardly florals, butt cracks, fragrant fireworks and animal poop. Yup, it’s a good one.

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Fume Chat Episode 07: Is Perfume Art?


Is Perfume Art?

Is perfume art or is it a consumer product? Or maybe it’s both!  In this week’s episode, we ponder the big question, discussing how perfume can be used as an artistic construct and whether all perfume could be considered art. We sniff some perfumes made by an artist and talk about installations that have used scent to varying degrees of success. It’s a fascinating listen.

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Fume Chat Episode 06: Fragrant Predictions for 2017

Celebrate the birth of 2016 with Fume Chat E06!

Celebrate the birth of 2016 with Fume Chat E06!

Happy New Year! If you’re not done celebrating the new year yet or if you’ve perhaps celebrated a little too hard, why not listen to episode 06 of Fume Chat to increase your party spirit/sooth your aching head (delete as applicable)? In this latest episode, Nick and I are discussing our fragrant predictions for 2017. The description is as follows: “Fume Chat episode 06 is here to cure your hangover (or at least give you something to listen to amidst the horror). In this episode we’re talking about our fragrant predictions for 2017. What are yours?” You can find us on iTunes here or for a non-iTunes link you simply need to click here. Enjoy!

It’s Here! Fume Chat Episode Five: The Celebrity Fragrance Battle of the Bottles

It's Here!

It’s Here!

Fume Chat Episode 05 is here and it’s a good ‘un! In our latest episode Nick and I battle some of our favourite celebrity fragrances in a duel that travels from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again. Perfumer Pia Long joins the discussion as the guest judge and brings her very own celebuscent weapon of choice. So find your blonde ambition and get ready to hit me baby one more time, because we’re going on a lovely journey through the glowing world of celebrity fragrances.

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Fume Chat Episode Four is Live!


Muddled Dukes, Reinvented Classics & Fragrant Hook-Ups Gone Wrong

Episode four of Fume Chat is here and ready to download! Nick and I are back with another roundup of their favourite new fragrances. In this episode, we talk about our personal fragrance tastes as well as showcase some new scents that are tickling our fancy. The selection ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again. Scents sniffed: Nº5 L’Eau by CHANEL, This is Him! & This is Her! by Zadig et Voltaire, Origin by Aqualis, Use Abuse by Jusbox, Much Ado About the Duke by Penhaligon’s, Mirabilis by L’Artisan Parfumeur and XX & XY by Blood Concept.

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