Fume Chat: S3 Ep5 Vetiver is Like, Really Versatile

On this week’s episode of Fume Chat, we are exploring the material vetiver. This clumpy grass is one of the most beautiful smelling and versatile perfume materials, with a vast and varied odour profile. We sniff some key vetiver materials and some iconic scents. So, get ready to hear us say the word “vetiver” about a million times and brace yourself for a full vetiver education. Listen below the jump:

S3 EP 9: Boujee Bougies (w/ Pia Long) Fume Chat

We launched a candle brand. That's right, your eyes aren't deceiving you, we have actually launched a candle brand. In this episode we are joined by perfumer and Olfiction co-founder to discuss Boujee Bougies, the brand new, flamboyant and fancy candle brand from Olfiction. Did we mention that we launched a candle brand? Oh, we did? Anyway, we chat the origin of the brand and each of the fragrance concepts. Join us, if you're boujee enough…
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