With the pandemic, testing fragrances has become much harder. Many of us cannot go to shops to test perfumes (or understandably, we do not want to) and even if we do go into a shop, getting hold of a perfume tester isn’t easy. There are a lot of barriers in the way and at Escentual, we want to make it so much easier for people to explore our range of fragrances. So, enter #EscentualScents – a monthly discovery box (curated by yours truly) that you can purchase to explore the world of fragrance. We are so excited!

August’s box – Aquatic – is now on sale.

The Perfume Society's Exquisite Essences Discovery Box Waiting to be Discovered...
The Perfume Society’s Exquisite Essences Discovery Box Waiting to be Discovered…

I’m just going to come right and say that I am hugely impressed with the many offerings of The Perfume Society. Having read the many issues of The Scented Letter, attended two marvellous events (Tea With Turin and An Evening with Le Galion), played with their innately intelligent fragrance finder FR.ed and now, having received one of their Discovery Boxes, I feel as if they are quickly becoming one of the best fragrance resources, not only on the web, but in real life too.

So what are these Discovery Boxes I speak of? Well, I’m glad you asked. Essentially, The Perfume Society offer a monthly themed box of perfume samples, including new launches and not-so-new favourites, along with tasting notes and a generous helping of blotters to boot. The idea is to give you a themed collection of fragrances to sniff in your own home at your own leisure, providing you with the tools to really sink your teeth, or should I say nostrils, into some intriguing samples. Without spoiling too much of this review in advance (I know this is a habit of mine), I’d say that they succeed!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

I can hardly believe it but today marks the first birthday of The Candy Perfume Boy! It only seems like yesterday that I was tentatively tapping away at my keyboard to write my first full-length review, an apt choice of Guerlain’s Shalimar Parfum Initial for my inaugural post I feel, and now here I am 365 days later with a blog that turned out to be one thousand times better than I ever thought it would be.

Over this last year I have been overwhelmed by the response the blog has received, in that time I’ve received over 180,000 hits, published 194 posts and obtained 3,859 comments! But more importantly than all of the stats and numbers is the friendships and interactions I have developed with my readers in that time, you are priceless and this space would not be the same without you, yes that’s right, you!

So in order show my appreciation I thought I would celebrate with a little giveaway. The prize is a collection of decants from my personal stash and includes my favourite perfume discoveries from the last year. These fragrances have been those that have impressed me the most since starting this blog and I wanted to give you the chance to try some of my “big loves”, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.