Explore the fragrance archive at La Maison Guerlain in Paris with The Perfume Society


The Perfume Society Trip to Paris

Have you ever wanted to raid the archives at La Maison Guerlain in Paris? I know I certainly have and if you have too, then The Perfume Society have arranged the perfect trip for you. On Saturday 25 February 2017 they will be hosting a group of Guerlain-addicts at the brand’s Champs-Élysées HQ to sniff a number of scents recreated masterfully from the Guerlain archives. The event is described as follows:

La Maison Guerlain is inviting you via The Perfume Society for a very special two-and-a-half hour session at which you’ll be able to smell treasures including the original Après L’Ondée, Guerlain’s own Chypre de Paris, Coque d’Or, Pourquoi J’Aimais Rosine?, Rue de La Paix, and other lost legends: fragrances which had literally vanished, until Thierry and his colleague Frédéric Sacone brought them back to life, following the original formulas in the historic ‘recipe’ books. They can only be smelled at these very exclusive, private workshops, which take place in the beautifully appointed private drawing room. So we’re delighted to be able to share this incredible behind-the-scenes experience over tea with our subscribers.

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The Art of Scent from The Perfume Society


The Scented Letter

This is just a quickie to say that The perfume Society has released their very latest edition of The Scented Letter and I’m in it! I’m very honoured to have been picked as one of their top instagrammers! I put a HUGE amount of work into my instagram feed (follow me here) so it’s completely and utterly fab to be recognised as a top fragrance instagrammer by such a respectful institution. I have to say a massive thank you to The Perfume Society for including me amongst other fragrance instagram feeds such as the incomparable Francis Kurkdjian and Alex Musgrave.

If you haven’t read any editions of The Scented Letter then get yourself over to The Perfume Society’s website and subscribe. This multi Jasmine Award winning publication tells you all you need to know about scent, from new launches to fascinating features and more. This latest edition looks at the art of scent, with pieces about fragrance adverts and photography, Murano glass flacons and fragrant instagrammers, to name just a few! Please do check it out.

The Perfume Society’s Scent of a Man Discovery Box & Some Assembly Required

June's All Male Scented Letter

June’s All Male Scented Letter

The Perfume Society have gone all-man this month, dedicating an entire discovery box AND an entire issue of The Scented Letter to masculine fragrances.

In their very first male edition of the discovery box, The Perfume Society offer up 13 fragrance samples, ranging from the earthy charm of Lalique’s Encre Noire À l’Extrême to the crisp cleanliness of Carven’s L’Eau Intense, not to mention the grooming products from Penhaligon’s and Elemis to boot. All for £19 (or £15 if you’re a subscriber)! Click here to find out more about this expertly curated collection for gents. Continue reading

The Perfume Society’s Exquisite Essences Discovery Box

The Perfume Society's Exquisite Essences Discovery Box Waiting to be Discovered...

The Perfume Society’s Exquisite Essences Discovery Box Waiting to be Discovered…

I’m just going to come right and say that I am hugely impressed with the many offerings of The Perfume Society. Having read the many issues of The Scented Letter, attended two marvellous events (Tea With Turin and An Evening with Le Galion), played with their innately intelligent fragrance finder FR.ed and now, having received one of their Discovery Boxes, I feel as if they are quickly becoming one of the best fragrance resources, not only on the web, but in real life too.

So what are these Discovery Boxes I speak of? Well, I’m glad you asked. Essentially, The Perfume Society offer a monthly themed box of perfume samples, including new launches and not-so-new favourites, along with tasting notes and a generous helping of blotters to boot. The idea is to give you a themed collection of fragrances to sniff in your own home at your own leisure, providing you with the tools to really sink your teeth, or should I say nostrils, into some intriguing samples. Without spoiling too much of this review in advance (I know this is a habit of mine), I’d say that they succeed!

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