Happy Birthday to The Candy Perfume Boy! – One Year Anniversary Giveaway

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I can hardly believe it but today marks the first birthday of The Candy Perfume Boy! It only seems like yesterday that I was tentatively tapping away at my keyboard to write my first full-length review, an apt choice of Guerlain’s Shalimar Parfum Initial for my inaugural post I feel, and now here I am 365 days later with a blog that turned out to be one thousand times better than I ever thought it would be.

Over this last year I have been overwhelmed by the response the blog has received, in that time I’ve received over 180,000 hits, published 194 posts and obtained 3,859 comments! But more importantly than all of the stats and numbers is the friendships and interactions I have developed with my readers in that time, you are priceless and this space would not be the same without you, yes that’s right, you!

So in order show my appreciation I thought I would celebrate with a little giveaway. The prize is a collection of decants from my personal stash and includes my favourite perfume discoveries from the last year. These fragrances have been those that have impressed me the most since starting this blog and I wanted to give you the chance to try some of my “big loves”, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The Prize

Inside the grab-bag you will find:

A 2.5ml sample of Guerlain’s Shalimar Parfum Initial
A 2.5ml sample of Amouage’s Honour Woman
A 2.5ml sample of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Kokorico
A 2.5ml sample of Thierry Mugler’s Womanity Le Goût du Parfum
A 2.5ml sample of Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia
A 2.5ml sample of Madonna’s Truth or Dare
A 2.5ml sample of Etat Libre d’Orange’s Fils de Dieu
A 2.5ml sample of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Vanille Absolument


A 0.5ml sample of Schiaparelli’s Shocking Parfum (vintage)

How To Enter

All you need to do to enter the competition is simply leave a comment that answers the following question:

What have you learned from reading The Candy Perfume Boy this year?

Anyone from anywhere in the whole entire world can enter, however I will take no responsibility for customs charges or the ineptitude of various Mail services around the world.

There is only one entry per person and the competition will close on Saturday 14 July at 17:00 GMT. The winner will be selected by random.org and revealed on Sunday 25 July.

Good luck!


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87 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Candy Perfume Boy! – One Year Anniversary Giveaway

  1. No need entering me into the giveaway, I just want to say
    Happy one year anniversary to your blog! I hope you’ll keep coming across many great perfumes and feel inspired to write about them.

  2. WOO HOO! 1 year is enormous! Congratulations CPB. I have learned through your blog that perfume obsession belongs to everyone, and that I’m not alone. Also, that there’s a big spunk writing about perfume in the UK.
    Much love,
    Portia xx

  3. Happy Birthday, CPB!
    You write a fantastic blog and I enjoy each and every post.
    No need to enter me in the draw, but I still want to answer your question: I learned to appreciate notes and perfumes I thought would never be a fit for me.
    And the recent culmination of that tendency, my falling in love with a Mugler (!!!), is testament to your powers of inspiration.
    Here’s to the second year of blogging with the CPB! xoxo

  4. I’ve loved the Gone But Forgotten posts – always learning something about an old favourite there.

    Congrats on your first year x

  5. Congrats dude – you’ve created a solid staple in the fragrant world in such a short space of time 🙂

  6. You’ve been doing this for only a year??!?!? Oh my goodness, it feels like I’ve been reading you for ages!

    Congratulations! There’s no need to enter me in the draw; I just wanted to send my good wishes. Here’s to the next year… and many more beyond 🙂

  7. Happy 1st Birthday, CPB!

    Like Persolaise, I feel like you’ve always been part of our little fumiverse. It would be a MUCH duller place without you. Thanks for all the laughs.

    I would love to be entered into your generous draw (very good of you to share “Shocking”). I’ve learnt so much from you. Like others have said, you’ve broadened my mind about Big While Florals (tuberose in particular) as well as brands like Mugler and Etat Libre d’Orange.

  8. I’ve learned too much to list, but best of all, I learned about Amouage Opus III- what a review! Opens with “sun-kissed fields of flowers, grass and hay,” then mimosa, violet, “reminiscent of both Après L’Ondée and L’Heure Bleue”…….well, I couldn’t wait to try it. I started with a 1/2 ml sample. It was everything you promised. A decant is on its way to me, and I am thinking ahead to my birthday and Christmas this winter.
    Thank you for your always enjoyable and educational blog, your beautiful reviews, and this generous draw.

  9. Congratulations, Thomas! Only a year? Now that surprised me. Like others, I find “The Candy Perfume Boy’s Guide to…” very helpful, especially the ouds.

    And then of course, there are the Scissor Sisters……

  10. Hi there. First of all, Happy Anniversary. Your reviews are so delightful to read in comparison to the boring and mundane tasks I have to do here at work. Secondly, you got me to admit that I do love tuberose and it’s okay that I have a fat bottle of Juicy Couture sitting on top of my dresser. Even though I no longer wear it, it’s okay for others to see it there!

  11. Unfortunately, I have only recently found out about this blog and the wide world of niche fragrances in general but, I have loved everything I have read from you so far. I am so happy there is such a great online community of bloggers (and people who comment) to help navigate what could easily be an overwhelming amount of choices. Specifically, I loved your review of Alien Essence Absolue and have been hunting it down (unsuccessfully so far) here in Dubai so I can smell it, I can’t wait! Happy Birthday!

  12. I feel I have learned a lot! We share similar tastes, but I was able to get reviews of some fragrances I might not have considered trying (the Mugler line in all its glory, some of the modern Guerlains), and also of some perfumes that are slow in coming to the U.S. (Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. and Kokorico, I’m looking at you!). I should mention that I also really enjoy your summaries of London perfume events and I live vicariously through you as there are not many perfume events in my city (although, one is coming up this week). I like your writing and your willingness to try all sorts of perfumes! Here’s to many more posts.

    • Thanks Susan! I’m glad that you have enjoyed the reviews and event write-ups. I also hope that you have fun at the perfume event in your city!

      You have been entered into the draw.

  13. Happy Anniversary! I’ve learned that there are many, many more Guerlain lovers than Chanel lovers. But both types are pretty terrific.

  14. Happy birthday, big smooches, please keep writing! (No need to enter me into the draw, thanks.) I love it that you wear BWFs, I love your posts about your granny, I love the polls.

    MORE. Thanks.

  15. Just stopped by to wish you a very happy birthday, CPB!!!
    (no need to enter me inti the draw)

  16. Happy birthday! What an enticing draw. I’ve learned much about all the various Muglers and Mugler-flankers from your dutiful testing/buying/wearing of them. I thank you for that, though it’s certainly caused some bottle lust….

  17. Congrats and here’s to many many more. Happy blogoversary CPB! No need to enter me:-)

  18. Happy birthday! I really can’t believe you’ve only been doing this for a year. Bravo. Your writing is inspiring, as is your good cheer. Carry on!


  19. Congratulations on one year! Very exciting 🙂 I came across your blog when searching for tuberose perfumes, and your guide to them is still my favorite resource for the note. I’m slowly working my way through all the ones you mention. So far, I think my favorite is Beyond Love, but that’s certainly prone to change! Congrats again!

  20. Congratulations on this milestone, Thomas. Your personality and writing style are a welcome addition to the perfume blogosphere. Don’t enter me in the draw–I don’t like BWF. Nuit de Tubereuse is as close as I get (and I love it), but as you know, it’s not really about the flower.

    Party on! One year anniversary!!

  21. Well, I am brand new here and never heard of you or ever been here. So, I like the giveaway as my answer.

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T’ (Whoop whoop ! *explodes party popper*) 🙂

    Hell, I can’t believe it’s actually only been one year. It feels like I’ve been reading you for longer (& I mean that in the best possible way of course).
    And I’ve learnt many a little thing or other – & especially so from the reviews of frags I’ve not yet had the pleasure of sampling. … But I suppose the biggest thing that I’ve learnt is possibly that we are probably not quite as closely “scent-twinned” as I suspected ‘back then’. (In fact I think If anything, I may actually be much closer matched to ‘our own’ amber-queen B’)
    ~ But not that either of this is actually a bad thing. – We still seem to be in agreement most of the time 🙂

    AND … it has certainly not changed my enjoyment of reading your fabulous blog. ~ [*Had to squeeze in a ‘fabulous’ somewhere* ;)] ~ So thank you !!

      • Thanx T’ ~ (Much appreciated – I mean, a touch of vintage ‘Shocking’ would be an education in itself. – As hunt as I have it’s always escaped me.)

        Plus, … at very least we share ‘Muglerism’, we need never ‘spar’ about 🙂

  23. Wow, a year goes by quickly. Happy Blogoversary and thanks for adding a great voice to the perfume loving community.

    What I’ve learned from you (besides that you have a great relationship with your mother and grandmother and that you were oh so cute in the 80s) is to open my mind to the possibility of accepting lavender in a perfume through your “Guide to” post. I’ve enjoyed each of the “Guide to” series and like how you update them too. And the consistent structure of your reviews makes them very accessible.

    Looking forward to the next year of great work.

  24. Huge congratulations and well done for a great blog! You have taught me not to give up on big white florals and given me the belief that somewhere in the world is a tuberose that doesn’t hate me. Oh and I have learnt that Kermit smells of Vetiver Extrordinaire…

  25. Happy blog-o-birthday, my sweet Thomas! Throughout the past year, your blog has kept me entertained and sane – my mornings would not be the same without seeing an email with your latest post in my Gmail inbox! If you have taught me anything, it’s that there might actually be a tuberose or two out there that doesn’t hate me. Also – and more importantly – you’ve helped me convince my boyfriend that there’s no gender binary in fragrance! So now, he’ll just wear whatever I spray him with, and he doesn’t complain (last year, he’d put up massive fights if I sprayed him with anything that didn’t have a “Man” in the name). WHEEEE! I adore you! xo

  26. Happy birthday, CPB! Blogs like yours and Bryan Ross’ “From Pyrgos” have taught me that guys can have a deep appreciation for fragrance too. Moreover, they can write terrific, detailed, and thoughtful reviews about them. Your blog is fun, informative, and on my “daily read” list!

  27. Happy birthday! I’m following your blog not for a long time, just for about 2 mounths, but I really enjoy it! Thanks 😉

  28. Happy Birthday for your blog- hope it’s just the beginning! (And book to follow someday, perhaps? 🙂
    What I’ve learned? That florals could be also easily worn also by men! Plus that I like pink color after all! Greetings from another Mugler fan!

  29. Happy bday indeed! My biggest lesson is to cherish classics- before they dissapear or fall into reformulation nightmare! Thank you for generous draw 🙂

  30. Congratulations on your 1st Birthday! Your gifted insight into the world of fragrance makes it hard to believe you’re such a newbie. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the coming year. No need to include me in the draw. Cheers, Steve.

  31. Well ,well well,Thomas!!!!! You had me at your review of Shalimar Parfum Initial {which despite trying several times/weather climates} I still dislike. Since then I’ve been an avid reader of your posts. One of the most enjoyable of these has been your “scentsational ” conversations with your Mother and Nan…..and in my way being able to pass on my greetings to your ‘rockin’ Nanny at recent b’day.So from all the way Down Under I wish you the very best for the year ahead.. Arequest…a “scent’ conversation with your siblings…..Wuvs

  32. Happy Birthday! What I’ve learned from your blog is that just when I thought I’d read it all, sniffed it all, there are still fresh new voices with new perspectives out there to refresh my enthusiasm and rekindle my interest. This year’s new voice has been you!

  33. Happy anniversary :o) I’ve learned the story of ‘Shocking’ and am very intrigued! Thank you for all the fascinating posts.

  34. Belated Happy Blog Birthday! I am mostly awol at the moment and missed this post, sorry. : – ) I have learnt to appreciate big white florals as never before, thanks to you, and that Alien isn’t half as scary as I thought. Or even alien!

  35. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I’m somewhat new to your blog, so haven’t had a chance to read all of your posts, but I’ve enjoyed your reviews, and your posts on FFF on facebook. I’d love to be entered in your draw 😉 I learned from the Habinita post that I should try the new EDP! I have an EDT mini bottle, and some 60 year old vintage parfum, but it’s not a fragrance I think of wearing very often. I tend to reach for fragrances with leather notes in the Fall and Winter, and not often in the summer. –Gail

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