The Art of Scent from The Perfume Society

The Scented Letter

This is just a quickie to say that The perfume Society has released their very latest edition of The Scented Letter and I’m in it! I’m very honoured to have been picked as one of their top instagrammers! I put a HUGE amount of work into my instagram feed (follow me here) so it’s completely and utterly fab to be recognised as a top fragrance instagrammer by such a respectful institution. I have to say a massive thank you to The Perfume Society for including me amongst other fragrance instagram feeds such as the incomparable Francis Kurkdjian and Alex Musgrave.

If you haven’t read any editions of The Scented Letter then get yourself over to The Perfume Society’s website and subscribe. This multi Jasmine Award winning publication tells you all you need to know about scent, from new launches to fascinating features and more. This latest edition looks at the art of scent, with pieces about fragrance adverts and photography, Murano glass flacons and fragrant instagrammers, to name just a few! Please do check it out.