Explore the fragrance archive at La Maison Guerlain in Paris with The Perfume Society

The Perfume Society Trip to Paris

Have you ever wanted to raid the archives at La Maison Guerlain in Paris? I know I certainly have and if you have too, then The Perfume Society have arranged the perfect trip for you. On Saturday 25 February 2017 they will be hosting a group of Guerlain-addicts at the brand’s Champs-Élysées HQ to sniff a number of scents recreated masterfully from the Guerlain archives. The event is described as follows:

La Maison Guerlain is inviting you via The Perfume Society for a very special two-and-a-half hour session at which you’ll be able to smell treasures including the original Après L’Ondée, Guerlain’s own Chypre de Paris, Coque d’Or, Pourquoi J’Aimais Rosine?, Rue de La Paix, and other lost legends: fragrances which had literally vanished, until Thierry and his colleague Frédéric Sacone brought them back to life, following the original formulas in the historic ‘recipe’ books. They can only be smelled at these very exclusive, private workshops, which take place in the beautifully appointed private drawing room. So we’re delighted to be able to share this incredible behind-the-scenes experience over tea with our subscribers.

Full details, including terms & conditions can be found on The Perfume Society website. Tickets for next week’s event are £130 and can be purchased directly at the link above. It’s important to note that the ticket covers the event and not travel, which guests will have to arrange for themselves. But let’s face it, any excuse to hop on a Eurostar to Paris is a good one, am I right? Those of you who do get to go, I am very jealous! Try to leave some of the archive unraided for me, please!


This is not a sponsored post. I share it because I feel it is of interest to my readers. Image is my own.