#TeamPenhaligons – Penhaligon’s Extract of Limes Perfume Review

Extract of Limes

Extract of Limes

Tis the last day of Movember and so ends a month of mighty moustache cultivation and manly celebrations. More importantly than the mo-growing and showcasing of masculine fragrances however, is the money raised for an important cause that supports the research and awareness of men’s health issues. This month I have raised £207 for Movember and my team – #TeamPenhaligons – have raised a staggering £2,000, with the total continuing to rise. [On that note, should you wish to make a donation, please do so here]

In tribute to my awesome Mo Bros and Mo Sisters in #TeamPenhaligons and as a final nod to the masculine fragrances of Movember, today I’m reviewing one of my favourite masculine scents from Penhaligon’s, the most quintessentially British of perfume brands. That scent is Extract of Limes, and whilst it technically counts as a unisex scent (I’m allowed to cheat a little) I definitely feel that it is one of Penhaligon’s most enjoyable fragrances and is a great scent for dapper and fashionable gents to wear.

Originally launched in 1963 and currently residing within Penhaligon’s Anthology Collection, Extract of Limes is a fusion of mouthwatering citrus and clean floral notes that is both bracing and surprisingly contemporary. Having been resurrected in 2009 by perfumer Mike Parrott, this lime-centric scent is one of the more overlooked scents in the brand’s stable, but it’s also one of the most delectable and is very much worth a sniff for anyone who wants a unique citrus fragrance.

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New Escentual Posts: Movember Masculines Part 3 & 4 – Dior Homme & Fat Electrician

Movember Masculines Part 3 - Dior Homme

Movember Masculines Part 3 – Dior Homme

So Movember comes to an end and as another week of mo-growing passes my column over at Escentual takes a lot at another important masculine fragrance that represents just one facet of the modern man. This week’s scent is Dior Homme, a scent that many readers will be familiar with and whilst it may seem like an obvious choice, due in part to its high critical acclaim, it is most definitely worthy of the spotlight.

Dior Homme represents the sensitive man of today. It’s a highly stylish fragrance that speaks of well-groomed and sharply dressed young chaps, but it is by no means a vapid fashion scent for the masses. The softness of feminine notes makes Homme a truly interesting and comfortable fragrance amongst a sea of dull aquatics and faux-wood affairs. It is simply remarkable. Do click on the image above to read this week’s column.

In addition to this, for the very final week I’ve taken a look at the more contemporary and more than a little bit unusual ‘Fat Electrician’ by Etat Libre d’Orange. This is a John Waters, pencil-thin moustache of a fragrance and is also one of the most intriguing vetivers one can buy. Please click on the image just below the jump to view.

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Moustache Monday: Week 4 (The Final Week)

The Mo as of Day 24

The Mo as of Day 24 (The Darkness is to Show the Mighty-ness of the Mo)

Week 4 Update

The Mo: It’s at this stage that the Mo and I get rather attached to each other. This year he’s suitably dark and bushy, therefore the bond is strong. Long may he reign (well, until Saturday anyway…)
The MOney: Thanks to a rather sizeable donation my Mo Total is at respectable £195. Many thanks to all who donated, let’s have one final push to get us over £200! #TeamPenhaligons however, have raised a ridiculously impressive total of £1,796 – well done mo bros!
To Donate: Please visit my Mo Space

Stay tuned for many more manly treats this week…

New Escentual Post: Movember Masculines Part 2 – Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Movember Masculines Part 2 - Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Movember Masculines Part 2 – Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

When picking the four scents for my ‘Movember Masculines’ series at Escentual, I knew that I simply had to include something from Yves Saint Laurent. This house, which is a shadow of its former glory for sure, is responsible for three of the most exceptional masculine fragrances out there – Kouros, M7 and Rive Gauche Pour Homme – and when it came to choosing the most iconic of this impressive bunch, Monsieur Kouros was difficult to ignore.

So this week I’ve taken a look at one of the most distinct, unique and divisive masculine scents one can buy. To add to that, Kouros is also one of the most unashamedly manly, conjuring up images of overly-tanned and smooth-chested lotharios who are as exuberant as they are audacious. Kouros is the king of the ’80s, and whilst he may seem a little bit dated now, he still reigns supreme.

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Moustache Monday: Week 2

The Mo as of Day 10

The Mo as of Day 10

It’s week 2 of Movember and the mo growing appears to be in full-swing. We seem to be moving out of the ‘awkward itchy phas’e into the slightly less uncomfortable ‘bushy, slug-like phase’. One shouldn’t complain though, it’s not an easy challenge to sport decent facial furniture and one has to work through the pain, discomfort and hideousness in the hunt for true mo-awesomeness.

As it stands my current Movember total is a respectable is £85, however I think we can do better! #TeamPenhaligon’s is doing rather spectacularly and has currently raised a rather spiffy £475! A massive well done to my fellow mo bros and mo sisters for their extraordinary moustache-related efforts so far, lets keep up the hard work and take it over the £500 mark asap!

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Moustache Monday: Week 1

Mo Look No 1

Mo Look No 1

Welcome to the this year’s very first ‘Moustache Monday’ – your weekly round-up of all things moustache related during the month of Movember. Here you’ll find out just how well the mo is going, including whether it looks fabulous or terrifying in addition to an update on my fundraising activities. So, how’s it going so far?

Technically it hasn’t been a full week of Movember yet but it is day 4 and I can already see the very beginnings of a mo sprouting on my top lip. I’m still at that awkward ‘haven’t shaved yet therefore I’m quite itchy’ phase and my facial foliage isn’t looking anywhere as remotely impressive as the one being sported in the above image (can you tell I had fun taking these?).

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