Moustache Monday: Week 4

The Mo as of Day 25 (Yesterday)
The Mo as of Day 25 (Yesterday)

It is the very final week of Movember and whodathunk that I’d have made it this far? Not me, that’s for sure! I had visions of me finding my Mo so utterly monstrous and/or frustrating that I would have taken a pair of scissors to it in a fit of a rage by now. But the truth is that the month of Movember has been relatively easy and dare I say rather fun indeed.

On Thursday last week I took a trip up to London to the Official Movember Barbers for a free Mo trim. This was my first true barbershop encounter (I wore Petit Fracas btw, an entirely un-barbershoppy fragrance for what it’s worth) and it was rather enjoyable; not only was it quite relaxing but the barbers hired by Movember were pretty damn handsome too. So yes, I would recommend a true old-fashioned barbershop shave, the results of which you can view below the jump…

The Mo Post-Trim
The Mo Post-Trim

So far I’ve received an impressive £180 worth of donations with Team Penhaligon’s receiving an even more impressive total of £592! Thank you all who have donated so far, I truly appreciate your £s and they will go along way to help battle and raise awareness for mens health issues. Let’s see if we can take the total to over £200 in the last week!

For daily updates and to make a donation to Movember please visit my Mo Space. All donations are welcome, even if it is just £1 and as Movember aims to raise money for men’s health charities, specifically in the areas of prostate and testicular cancer it would be going to a more than worthy cause. Don’t forget to select GiftAid if you are UK tax payer, so that the Taxman coughs up some cash too.

The big question now is; to keep the Mo or to not keep the Mo? Nigel is saying no……

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Just a Quick Note

I have two big university assignments due this week so posts will be relatively infrequent until they are handed in, but do stay tuned for the winner of Divine Sample Giveaway tomorrow (you have until 17:00 (my time) tonight to enter) and a review of a “New Diva on the Block” on Monday.