#TeamPenhaligons – Penhaligon’s Extract of Limes Perfume Review

Extract of Limes
Extract of Limes

Tis the last day of Movember and so ends a month of mighty moustache cultivation and manly celebrations. More importantly than the mo-growing and showcasing of masculine fragrances however, is the money raised for an important cause that supports the research and awareness of men’s health issues. This month I have raised £207 for Movember and my team – #TeamPenhaligons – have raised a staggering £2,000, with the total continuing to rise. [On that note, should you wish to make a donation, please do so here]

In tribute to my awesome Mo Bros and Mo Sisters in #TeamPenhaligons and as a final nod to the masculine fragrances of Movember, today I’m reviewing one of my favourite masculine scents from Penhaligon’s, the most quintessentially British of perfume brands. That scent is Extract of Limes, and whilst it technically counts as a unisex scent (I’m allowed to cheat a little) I definitely feel that it is one of Penhaligon’s most enjoyable fragrances and is a great scent for dapper and fashionable gents to wear.

Originally launched in 1963 and currently residing within Penhaligon’s Anthology Collection, Extract of Limes is a fusion of mouthwatering citrus and clean floral notes that is both bracing and surprisingly contemporary. Having been resurrected in 2009 by perfumer Mike Parrott, this lime-centric scent is one of the more overlooked scents in the brand’s stable, but it’s also one of the most delectable and is very much worth a sniff for anyone who wants a unique citrus fragrance.

The Last Day of The Mo
The Last Day of The Mo

The Notes

Lime Oil, Lemon Oil, Petit Grain Oil and Neroli

How Does it Smell?

In their description of Extract of Limes, Penhaligon’s very aptly describe it as “shattered sherbet and blossom honey”, and that’s absolutely spot-on. The first spritz unleashes a delicious, sugar-soaked dose of almost drinkable lime on to the skin and this quickly becomes fizzy and caramelised, almost as if someone has taken a hammer to the smooth, gleaming green shells of lime sherbet drops.

The centre of this boiled sweet is filled with orange blossom and neroli syrup, capturing the honeyed aspect of the lime and adding facets of hay, dewy petals and cleaning fluids. That’s right, the core of this olfactory treat smells like a freshly scrubbed bathroom, conjuring up images of handsome men (and women) going about their daily grooming rituals in the worlds most spick and span, gleaming bathroom.

As one would gather from the notes list above, Extract of Limes is not a powerhouse and in terms of style it would sit more on the cologne-side of the longevity and projection scale rather than anything resembling a more concentrated Eau de Toilette. In keeping with this effervescent and light spirit, the base is a floaty musk affair with the hay-like neroli facets taking centre stage and being lifted into airy wisps of floral cleanliness – superb.

Extract of Limes is easy to love. What could be more likeable than a zesty bag of lime sherbets with a hint of gleaming bathroom tiles? Nothing I tell you, nothing. The only downside is the fact that everything is rather ephemeral, as one would expect for such a citrus-heavy scent, but that really doesn’t matter because whilst Extract of Limes hangs around it’s blooming lovely.


Housed within Penhaligon’s Anthology Collection, Extract of Limes is available in 100ml Eau de Toilette (£110).

Sample, Image 1, notes and quotes via Penhaligon’s. Image 2 my own.