Movember Madness

Movember Madness
Movember Madness

It’s officially the first day of November which means one thing and one thing only – dodgy moustaches. That’s right dear readers, Movember is upon us and all throughout the month many a man will be sporting questionable facial foliage all for a very wonderful and worthy cause. The aim is that, through the medium of fanciful tashes we will change the face of men’s health.

The Candy Perfume Boy isn’t exempt from all of this madness and even though he looks utterly ridiculous with a moustache (and I mean UTTERLY ridiculous) he is willing to offer his face up for ridicule in order to raise money for the good of his fellow ‘mo bros’. This means that this year I will once again be joining Team Penhaligon’s in their crusade to raise one heck of a lot of dough for men’s health.

Throughout the month I shall be posting regular ‘mo updates’ on Moustache Mondays and The Candy Perfume Boy (the blog that is) will be focusing on all things masculine, with reviews of a number of manly fragrances, a man-focused edition of the Scent a Celebrity series, plus a whole host of other masculine things (grr). In addition to all of this I’ll also be looking at some classic men’s fragrances on Escentual in a series I’m ingeniously dubbing ‘Movember Masculines’. All-in-all it’s going to be a fun month!


“Movember challenges men to grow a moustache for the 30-days of November, thereby changing their appearance and the face of men’s health.

In October, Mo Bros sign up at, and on the 1st of Movember, with a clean-shaven face, start their Mo growing journey.

Then for the entire month, these selfless and generous men known as Mo Bros, effectively become walking, talking billboards for 30 days. Through their growing efforts they raise awareness for the often ignored issues of men’s health, by prompting conversations wherever they go.

Another crucial part of being a Mo Bro is to raise funds for men’s health. Men donate their face, and much like taking part in a run or a walk for charity, ask their family and friends to sponsor their efforts.”

To donate to Movember please head on over to my Mo Space, where you can choose to give money to either myself or Team Penhaligon’s. Every penny counts so please, if you can, do give something, even if it’s just £1. Together we can help change the face of men’s health and raise both money and awareness for conditions such as Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and mental health problems – it is a truly worthy cause.

I hope that you will enjoy this month as much as I do. I also hope that my mo wont be as hideous as it was last year (I’m sorely tempted to go for the John Waters style, seriously), but one cannot always rely on miracles! Whatever the end result though, I thank you all for your support and contributions in advance. Now It’s time to grow the mo…

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