Marni, Marni, Marni!
Marni, Marni, Marni!

This week over at Escentual I’m taking another look at the debut fragrance from spirited Italian fashion house Marni. This is not my first encounter with Marni Eau de Parfum (I reviewed it here a few weeks back) but seeing as it is one of this year’s more impressive designer launches I felt it was prudent to focus the spotlight on it once again for the Escentual audience.

So please head on over to Escentual to read this week’s article by clicking the image or link above. Don’t forget to leave a comment whilst you’re there, I want to hear your thoughts on Marni – have you tried it? Do you like it? Have you picked up any fabulous bargains in the 20% Fragrance Sale? – Let me know your thoughts!

Best of New Fragrance & 20% Off!
Best of New Fragrance & 20% Off!

You may have heard that Escentual is having a bit of a sale on fragrance – specifically a rather respectable 20% off all fragrance (excluding Amouage, Discovery Sets and Postage). This is, of course, rather exciting and dangerous news for us perfume addicts and leaves one pondering the question; ‘what shall I buy?’

Well fear ye not dear readers, I have taken a quick look at three of my favourite new launches to steer you in the right direction for a wonderful bargain. The three perfumes I have chosen are; Elie Saab Le Parfum Intense (full review to come shortly), Comme des Garçons Blue Encens and Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier.

So please do click the image above to head on over to Escentual and read my take on these lovely newbies. Also, don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know what you have picked up in the sale!

Narciso Rodriguez Musc for Her
Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her

When it comes to wearing perfume one would consider oneself as a traditionalist, preferring the tried and tested method of spraying (usually copiously) over dabbing or rolling. Concentrations too are a very non-experimental area for this perfume blogger who most definitely prefers Eau de Parfum to anything else.

Perfume oils are not something one would usually even try let alone wear, mainly due to the fact that they are designed to wear close to skin and for a lover of nuclear sillage that simply is not cricket. But one must try everything at least once and thanks to there may just be a musk oil that cuts the mustard – Musc for Her by Narciso Rodriguez. (Slightly NSFW pic below the jump)

“Dress your skin in a new form of Narciso Rodriguez elegance. The Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil is a precious way to wear the iconic For Her fragrance.

Back and even more luxurious than before, the Musc oil is inspired by the mysterious depths of Egyptian Musk, a scent that Narciso himself wears like a lucky charm. Truly sensuous, the fragrance holds itself close to the skin and invites others to come closer.

The Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil is to be worn alone for personal pleasure, or with the eau de parfum to elevate its musky notes to another level of seduction.”

L is for Lavender…

This week on Escentual I am taking a look at the lovely note of lavender. Too often this beautiful ingredient is overlooked as being old fashioned and granny-esque and in the latest instalment of My Escentual A-Z of Fragrance I look to dispel the myth that you have to have a purple rinse and fondness for doilies to enjoy lavender fragrances.

The guide takes a look at the note of lavender – what it is and how it smells – as well as exploring the lavender fragrances Escentual has to offer. Here you’ll find lavenders of all varietiess: the straight-up, the classic, the barbershop, the macho, the calming and the crazy.

So please click on the image above to head on over to Escentual to read ‘L is for Lavender’ and whilst you there do share your thoughts on lavender perfumes. What are your favourites?

Olfactive Studio Perfumes

One of the many great things about being Escentual‘s Fragrance Expert is that I get to try great brands that I wouldn’t necessarily come across in the wild. Olfactive Studio is one such line and I must say that I am very please to have sampled the five olfactory delights that they have on offer.

This week’s post, as you may have guessed, is a review of the photography-inspired fragrances by Olfactive Studio. They are a handsome bunch of subtle compositions – almost ‘sleeper hits’ if you will – that really should not be overlooked. Please click on the image above to head on over to Escentual to read my review, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Mark Buxton Perfumes

This week on the Escentual blog I take a look at the newly arrived Mark Buxton collection. Those of you who are familiar with Buxton’s work will now that he is a perfumer of great standing, having created fragrances for brands such as Comme des Garçons, Van Cleef & Arpels and Salvador Dali.

The five perfumes in his collection are intriguing to say the least, with some being quite un-Buxton-esque in their style. So, please click on the image above to head over to Escentual and read my take on Sexual Healing, Sleeping With Ghosts, Wood & Absinth, Devil in Disguise and Black Angel – oh and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments box whilst you are there!

Issey Miyake Pleats Please

There are so many new designer perfumes launching at the moment it’s almost impossible to keep up! This week on Escentual I’ve taken a look at the latest from fashion brand Issey Miyake – ‘Pleats Please’ – a fruity floral that shows a refreshing amount of restraint compared to its sickly-sweet mates that flood the genre.

So, if you feel inclined (and I know that you do), please click on the image above to head on over to the Escentual blog to read my review of Pleats Please. As usual I like to hear your thoughts, so do also feel free to leave a comment either here or over there – the choice is yours!

Amouage Fate Man and Fate Woman Reviews

This week on Escentual I have revisited two fragrances that I reviewed a month or so ago – Fate Man and Fate Woman by Amouage. The latest duo from the famed Omani house have just launched over at Escentual and as usual are intriguing compositions full of surprise and mystery.

As usual, just click on the above image to head over to the Escentual Blog and read the review – it’ll be worth your time, I mention wizards and everything. You may also feel free to leave a comment either here or there, and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

The Latest Instalment in The Candy Perfume Boy’s Escentual A-Z of Fragrance: K is for Kurkdjian…

For the latest instalment in The Candy Perfume Boy’s Escentual A-Z of Fragrance I have taken a look at one of perfumery’s greatest talents – the one, the only Francis Kurkdjian. Taking a look at some of his best works and including interesting tidbits from his recent Perfume Lovers London talk, the piece serves as an introduction to a perfumer that certainly divides opinion.

So please head on over to Escentual by clicking on the image above and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on Francis Kurkdjian and his perfumes in the comments box there or even the one here!