New Escentual Post: Olfactive Studio Review

Olfactive Studio Perfumes

One of the many great things about being Escentual‘s Fragrance Expert is that I get to try great brands that I wouldn’t necessarily come across in the wild. Olfactive Studio is one such line and I must say that I am very please to have sampled the five olfactory delights that they have on offer.

This week’s post, as you may have guessed, is a review of the photography-inspired fragrances by Olfactive Studio. They are a handsome bunch of subtle compositions – almost ‘sleeper hits’ if you will – that really should not be overlooked. Please click on the image above to head on over to Escentual to read my review, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Image via I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert/Blogger.


8 thoughts on “New Escentual Post: Olfactive Studio Review

  1. After all the rave reviews online I was really looking forward to sampling these. (+ I find the whole ‘image-concept’ interesting.) – But I must admit after all the gushing reviews (& perhaps therefore I was just expecting too much ?) BUT I was mostly disappointed quite frankly. I found them at best competently pleasant, but no more. Certainly nothing I’d shell out for a full bottle of that’s for sure. … IF I had to choose a fave I’d probably say I was most drawn to Chambre Noir (& I’ve not yet sniffed Lumière Blanche, maybe that one will surprise me ?, but I doubt it !)
    Basically, what I’m trying to say, I just don’t understand all the luv for these. They come across to me as not much above plain average mainstream designer fare.

      • Ah yes, Autoportrait (the transparent vetivery/cedar’ one if I remembering correctly) was definitely one of the better ones. Even tho’ I was drawn to CN most (notes-wise), Auto’s was the only sample of theirs I actually used up, so … .

        BUT still I find them more hype than substance really. – Tho’ I’d probably think differently if I worked in a cramped office (& mind wot others thought). 😉

  2. Personally found them to be quite uninspired and low quality. Boardroom/corporate niche type stuff, really. All about the image, packaging, exclusivity, and concept. The fragrance itself may or may not matter.

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