The Movember Style Guide
The Movember Style Guide

It seems like a million years since the last Saturday Poll and I’m pleased to announce the long overdue return of my favourite (and only) weekly feature. If you are unfamiliar with The Saturday Poll, then I can sum it up by saying that it is my way of being nosy (I pride myself on my nosiness) and finding the answers to those fragrant questions that we all like to ask.

Seeing as Movember kicked off this week today’s Saturday Poll is Mo themed, and the question is simple; Which style of Mo should I go for? Or more imporantly; Which style of Mo would look the least ridiculous on my face? I’m leaning towards The Undercover Brother myself but have to admit that The Connoisseur would look pretty spiffy If I could manage it.

So which Mo should I go for? Cast your votes below the jump, and if you want to make a Movember donation you can do so by visiting my Mo Space.

Last week’s Saturday Poll asked you to vote for your favourite Thierry Mugler fragrance. I wanted to know who was most popular; Angel, Alien, A*Men, Womanity or Cologne? The results didn’t go the way I expected having, in my head, predicted Angel to reign supreme, despite the feelings of love and hate she inspires in people.

But no, I was wrong, it appears that you people prefer the “intergalactic jasmine” of Alien, which received a pretty decent 34% of the vote. What did really surprise me though was the lack of love for Womanity, which only received a measly 6% of the vote. As much as Womanity is polarising (aren’t all of the Mugler’s) I did think that the fact that it is so unique and unusual would have given it a higher percentage.

On to this week’s poll…

Last week’s Saturday Poll was a Vero Profumo showdown, in which you were asked to vote for your favourite perfume from the lovely renegade perfumer Vero Kern. The results were interesting, especially because everyone seemed to have a clear idea in their mind as to which VP scent was their favourite, which just goes to show how strong each fragrance’s personality is.

Rubj and Onda, both in Extrait, were the joint winners of the poll, with Rubj EDP in third place, suggesting that the Rubj signature is the most popular overall. Who am I to argue with that? I think it’s bloomin’ marvellous!

On to this week’s poll…

Last week’s Saturday Poll asked you about your birthday perfume traditions, and specifically whether you asked for, and received perfume for your birthday or whether you liked to treat yourself. It seems that the majority of you (59%) take the matter into your own hands and treat yourselves to a lovely perfumed-gift on your birthday. Very sensible if you ask me!

I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Al Oudh from Nigel this year, who obviously was feeling the perfume love. I also treated myself to bottles of Amouage’s Honour Woman (a major lemming of mine for a whole year) and Guerlain’s Pamplelune. So yes, I was well and truly spoiled.

On to this week’s poll…

Apologies for the lack of proper posts in the latter part of this week. I seem to have got myself into a tiz over work-based issues and haven’t had my head in the right place to do any form of writing, but hopefully normal service will resume next week.

On last week’s Saturday Poll we pitched two reinterpretations of classic fragrances (namely Guerlain’s Shalimar Parfum Initial and Chanel N°5 Eau Première) against each other to see who would be the supreme born-again fragrance. N°5 Eau Première knocked the ball out of the park by gaining a total 40% of the vote, which is interesting seeing as the original lost out to Shalimar in our Flagship Fragrance Showdown the week before.

On to this week’s poll…

Last week’s Saturday Poll was a classic flagship-fragrance showdown, in which Guerlain’s Shalimar and Chanel’s N°5 went head-to-head to see who was the supreme holder of perfume glory. Both have their loyal fans but scent-wise they could not be further away from each other if they tried; one is a warm, delicious oriental and the other is an abstract aldehydic floral. Opinion was divided!

The results of the poll, as always, were very interesting. Shalimar stormed ahead receiving a huge 56% of the vote, which blows N°5 out of the water with its mere 21%. What is interesting is that the Shalimar appears to be more accessible than the N°5, which like other Chanel’s appears to leave some feeling cold.

Anyone, on to this week’s poll…

Last week’s Saturday Poll was a battle of two titan designer houses; Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. This was a poll that could go either way, both are beloved brands with many classics and have loyal fans that avidly follow each release, so I pretty much expected an even spread of votes. I was wrong.

What was really surprising about this poll was the fact that the results showed that one house was staggeringly more popular than the other. A whopping 58% said that the House of Dior was their favourite and only 15% opted for Yves Saint Laurent. Why is this? It is hard to say exactly, but Dior have been in the fragrance business longer and have released more perfumes allowing them to gain more of a following.

Anyway, enough of that and on to this week’s poll…

The Poll

This week’s poll is yet another showdown, but rather than pitch two houses against each other I thought it would be interesting to throw two classic, flagship fragrances into the ring to see which would triumph as champion.

So this week the question is simple: which do you prefer, Guerlain’s Shalimar or Chanel’s N°5? Both are veteran fragrances for their respective houses and nobody can deny that they are each classics, but if you had to pick one, which would you choose? I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

Last week’s Saturday Poll focused on the age-old debate of natural vs synthetic perfumery. I find this to be a really interesting topic because opinions really vary and people can have very strong feelings about what goes into their perfumes.

The results of the poll were quite interesting; as I would have expected the majority (56%) voted for a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients with 35% saying that they weren’t fussed either way. What I found most fascinating about the results was that a very small number of people opted for either solely natural (7%) or solely synthetic (2%) ingredients, which goes to show that a mixture is favoured.

On to this week’s poll….

The Poll

A couple of polls ago I pitched the two perfume-behemoths that are Guerlain and Chanel against each other and I thought it would be good fun to do this again but with two different houses.

Sticking with the designer theme, I would like to know which you prefer; Dior or Yves Saint Laurent? Both have their fair share of classics and their fair share of duds, but which one floats your boat?

So c’mon, who do you prefer? I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

Last week’s Saturday Poll focused on the love-it-or-hate-it note of Tuberose. You were posed the question “Tuberose – Yay or Nay?” and you were forthcoming in your answers. Much to my surprise, given the polarising nature of tuberose, a staggering 75% voted a resounding yay for tuberose. This isn’t the result I expected but I am very pleased to see that my favourite note is more popular than I had first though.

On to this week’s poll…

The Poll

This week’s poll focuses on the age old debate of natural vs synthetic. Do you like all-natural ingredients in your perfume, or just synthetics? Do you believe that a mixture of both is important or do you not care at all?

What do you think? I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

On the last Saturday Poll, which was a whole two weeks ago if you can cast your mind back that far, we discussed the subject of perfume gender bending. This is a subject that I am quite passionate, and almost militant about so it was great to see so many people weighing in with their thoughts. A stonking 83% of you voted in favour for gender bending and generally wearing whatever you like and all I can say to that is “hear, hear!”

Anyway, enough of that! Let’s move on to this week’s poll…

The Poll

As you may have noticed, I am somewhat of a lover of tuberose. OK, that’s an understatement, I’m a tuberose freak. No wait, I’m a tuberose addict – I can’t get enough. Whilst I adore the note I’m fully aware that others aren’t so keen, in fact it would be fair to say that tuberose is a polarising note – some love it and others hate it. What do you think? I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!