Saturday Poll: Chanel VS Guerlain

Last week’s poll focused on your favourite perfume genres. I wasn’t entirely sure which one would be the winner in such a big poll, but I am not shocked to discover that ‘Oriental’ won out with a total of 27% of the vote. ‘Floral’ (13%) was not far behind but the big surprise for me was that ‘Leather’ was such a popular genre, tying with ‘Floral’ for 13% of the vote.

Orientals were the clear winner from the outset and I imagine that this is because the genre covers a number of different styles of perfume, many of which overlap with the other genres. I did smile when I saw that ‘Oceanic/Ozonic’ received 0% of the vote, it seems that us Perfumistas, regardless of whether we have and enjoy the odd ozonic/oceanic scent, are never going to pick it as our favourite genre.

The Poll

This week’s poll is inspired by a Monday Question hosted by Olfactoria’s Travels last year. It is very much a ‘Clash of the Titans’ situation this Saturday and I want to know which powerful, french perfume house you prefer – Chanel or Guerlain? Oh, and before anyone asks, you must pick one! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

My Vote

This one was very easy for me to answer, I am a Guerlain Boy through and through. Don’t get me wrong I do love Chanel, all of their perfumes are well made and beautiful (EXCEPT JERSEY!!) but I only love three enough to own them (No 5, No 19 and Coco) and I don’t see that number increasing any time soon.

Guerlain however is a completely different story. In my collection there is; Shalimar, Shalimar Extrait, Shalimar Ode à la Vanille, Mitsouko, L’Heure Bleue, Insolence, Homme, Homme Intense, Homme L’Eau Boisée, La Petite Robe Noire, Parfum Initial, Parfum Initial L’Eau, Coriolan, Vetiver, Vintage Vol de Nuit Extrait, Jicky and Idylle. I just cannot get enough of the Guerlain stuff, I adore the beauty, the sensuality and the downright amazing artistry of the Guerlain creations.