Saturday Poll: Which Mugler Are You?

Last week’s Saturday Poll was a Vero Profumo showdown, in which you were asked to vote for your favourite perfume from the lovely renegade perfumer Vero Kern. The results were interesting, especially because everyone seemed to have a clear idea in their mind as to which VP scent was their favourite, which just goes to show how strong each fragrance’s personality is.

Rubj and Onda, both in Extrait, were the joint winners of the poll, with Rubj EDP in third place, suggesting that the Rubj signature is the most popular overall. Who am I to argue with that? I think it’s bloomin’ marvellous!

On to this week’s poll…

This Week’s Poll

Yesterday I was given a very brief sneak peek of four new Thierry Mugler scents due to be released in October (think leather…) and whilst I can’t reveal any more details yet giving each a sniff made me wonder, which of the Muglers is your favourite?

Each of the four major Mugler scents are as distinct as they can be and perfectly capture the spirit of “love ’em or hate em”, so there must be one that you love…

So, which is your favourite? Do you think the Cosmic Drag Queen (Angel) is fabulous? Do you like your jasmine intergalactic (Alien)? Do you take caviar with your figs (Womanity)? Or  are you all about the comic book superheroes (A*Men)?

I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below

My Vote

Being the Mugler fan-boy I am you would think that this decision is difficult. Well it is and isn’t, I love them all (I really do) but there is one that I wear more often than the others and it just has the edge, only by a tiny bit. For that reason my vote goes to the super sized floral that is Alien!