Saturday Poll: Tuberose – Yay or Nay?

On the last Saturday Poll, which was a whole two weeks ago if you can cast your mind back that far, we discussed the subject of perfume gender bending. This is a subject that I am quite passionate, and almost militant about so it was great to see so many people weighing in with their thoughts. A stonking 83% of you voted in favour for gender bending and generally wearing whatever you like and all I can say to that is “hear, hear!”

Anyway, enough of that! Let’s move on to this week’s poll…

The Poll

As you may have noticed, I am somewhat of a lover of tuberose. OK, that’s an understatement, I’m a tuberose freak. No wait, I’m a tuberose addict – I can’t get enough. Whilst I adore the note I’m fully aware that others aren’t so keen, in fact it would be fair to say that tuberose is a polarising note – some love it and others hate it. What do you think? I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

My Vote

I think I have made my stance on the subject of tuberose pretty clear, but perhaps this will clear up any grey areas…