Saturday Poll: Dior VS Yves Saint Laurent

Last week’s Saturday Poll focused on the age-old debate of natural vs synthetic perfumery. I find this to be a really interesting topic because opinions really vary and people can have very strong feelings about what goes into their perfumes.

The results of the poll were quite interesting; as I would have expected the majority (56%) voted for a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients with 35% saying that they weren’t fussed either way. What I found most fascinating about the results was that a very small number of people opted for either solely natural (7%) or solely synthetic (2%) ingredients, which goes to show that a mixture is favoured.

On to this week’s poll….

The Poll

A couple of polls ago I pitched the two perfume-behemoths that are Guerlain and Chanel against each other and I thought it would be good fun to do this again but with two different houses.

Sticking with the designer theme, I would like to know which you prefer; Dior or Yves Saint Laurent? Both have their fair share of classics and their fair share of duds, but which one floats your boat?

So c’mon, who do you prefer? I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

My Vote

This was a tricky one for me, I own or love a number of perfumes from both Dior (Pure Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Poison, Dior Homme, Eau Noire and Leather Oud) and Yves Saint Laurent (Opium, Paris, M7 and Nu) so it is almost impossible to choose. Almost…

It really depends on my mood. Right now, at this very second I am going to vote for Dior, mainly because I was wearing both Ambre Nuit and Mitzah yesterday and they put me in a very good mood. Ask me tomorrow and I may have a different answer.