I am Woman, Hear me Roar – Thierry Mugler Womanity Perfume Review

OK, I may not be ‘woman’ but Womanity most certainly is, she is all woman and she definitely knows how to roar.

Womanity was released in 2010 and is the latest feminine fragrance by renegade fashion house Thierry Mugler. It is the house’s first major feminine release (i.e. not a flanker) since Alien in 2005. The fragrances is described as a woody oriental and is based around a juxtaposition of sweet and savoury notes

To coincide with the release of Womanity, Mugler also created a social network site womanity.com which, just like the fragrance, celebrates ‘the invisible bond between women’. I have to admit that I find the concept more than a little bit tedious…

The Notes

Top: Citrus Notes and Green Notes
Middle: Figs, Caviar Accord, Animal Notes and Aquatic Notes
Base: Fig Tree, Woodsy Notes, Oriental Notes and Sunny Notes [1]

How Does it Smell?

First things first, we need to discuss the giant elephant in the room – the name. ‘Womanity’ is intended to be a portmanteau of the words ‘Woman’ and ‘Community’, it also wins the award (in my book) for the stupidest name for a fragrance ever. Anyway the name is inconsequential to the scent so I’ll get onto the important stuff – the smell.

Womanity opens with a big blast of citrus, the citrus is zingy and mouthwatering just like freshly squeezed orange juice. This is STRONG citrus and the zinginess lasts for a few minutes before settling down and making room for the other notes. I don’t really detect any of the listed green notes.

As I have already mentioned Womanity is a juxtaposition between sweet and savoury notes, the sweet comes from fig and the savoury from caviar. The fig is multi faceted, it’s milky, sweet, fleshy and although it may not be a hyper-realistic fig note a la Philosykos by Diptyque it is a good interpretation. As the fragrance progresses the fig becomes sweeter, jammier and more candied.

The press material puts a lot of emphasis on the caviar accord, and there is definitely a salty, savoury aspect to Womanity but I wouldn’t say that it smells like caviar. The savoury tone is much more bread-like than anything that resembles caviar, to me it smells like cookies, slightly yeasty and only a tiny bit salty.

The candied fig lasts all the way to the dry down where it’s joined by vague, warm woody notes. The base doesn’t hold the same magic as the first couple of hours and Womanity does feel as if it’s a tad unfinished, perhaps some vanilla would have rounded it off nicely.

Womanity is a relatively fresh fragrance, it is lighter & fresher than other Mugler fragrances and the sillage is sheer, airy and slightly aquatic, but it is still a Mugler and it of course has massive potency and longevity, in fact I would say that it is one of the strongest Mugler fragrances, this is bad news if you don’t like it – there is no escape!

I wouldn’t say that Womanity is on par with the two other Mugler feminines (Angel and Alien), to me they are exceptional fragrances, and it definitely isn’t my favourite, that said Womanity isn’t without it’s merits. Womanity is an interesting fragrance, the savoury/biscuity notes are unusual and it stands streaks above a lot of the fruity trash available on the market, it’s worth a try and it seems to already be causing polar reactions of love or hate.

The Bottle

I can’t finish off this post without talking about that bottle. In my post on fragrance bottles I said that:

‘Womanity stands tall like a pink totem designed by H.R. Giger for the film Alien. It is at once extremely feminine yet it has a definite masculine edge thanks to the metal tattoos and biker chain.’

The drama of the bottle more than makes up for the absolutely shocking name and slightly cringeworthy concept behind the fragrance. There is also a ring containing a solid version of the fragrance that is just as breathtaking.


Womanity is available in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 80ml Eau de Parfum and matching body products, it is ever so slightly cheaper than the other Mugler feminines and prices range from £19.00 to £66. Womanity can be purchased from most good department stores and online retailers.


This review is based on a bottle of Womanit Eau de Parfum from my own collection.

[1] osmoz.com

Image 1 graindemusc.blogspot.com

Image 2 purefina.com


41 thoughts on “I am Woman, Hear me Roar – Thierry Mugler Womanity Perfume Review

  1. Slightly yeasty and salty? I am the only person who finds the whole thing vulgar? You describe it well, though. I’m not love or hate, I tried it and thought “meh.” But I do hate the bottle – part Metropolis, part Hello Kitty, it’s like a blinged-out hand grenade.

    • Yeah, the salty aspect is most definitely bready, weird I know. I’m sure you’re not the only one who finds it vulgar, it is quite loud and brash.

      I love your description of the bottle! Personally I love it, but I totally get the ‘blinged-out hand grenaded’.

  2. I loved the first 30 seconds, the bread accord was strong and utterly great, but then it derailed disastrously for me. Loud, screeching and demanding attention from everyone. I liked your review anyway, you have a real talent for describing how you smell it.
    And the bottle… Giger is a good comparison, but I wouldn’t buy that bottle even if it contained vintage Shalimar extrait. 😉

    • Thank you Birgit 😀

      I knew that this one didn’t work for you, it’s weird that I enjoy Womanity but I can totally see what you mean when you say ‘loud, screeching and demanding attention from everyone’.

      As for the bottle, it definitely is showy. What is that that you don’t like about it?

  3. I like the fragrance, love the bottle. Another daring “maintstream” from the house of Mugler; there’s not a lot they do wrong in my book.

  4. I think I like ths perfume. Well, at least I liked it before I wore it again recently (from the sample). I don’t know why but I got tired of it. Maybe it wa too warm? I don’t know. I will be trying it again because I want this bottle in my collection – if I can wear the perfume. When it was released first I wished the bottle was different. But now it grew on me.

    • Perhaps it’s because it can be a little unrelenting?

      At first the bottle does look a little bit too much doesn’t it, it helps when you see it in the flesh (or glass should I say) and you can see that it really is beautiful.

      Let me know your thoughts when you do re-sample.

  5. This is one that somehow hasn’t made it onto my test list, but maybe it should. I’m in a fig phase at the moment. Your review has intrigued me, for sure! But that bottle … ugh.

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  11. Love your review, but really, it’s like you and I are smelling two different fragrances when we’re talking about Womanity (don’t really like the name either). And I think that is what makes this perfume so special.
    I get the citrusses in the beginning as well, but then I get a HUGE blast of seawater and oysters (well, oysters smell like edible seawater to me :p). It’s INCREDIBLY salty and it has huge sillage on my skin. It’s a little bit scary, and that’s strange, because I like scents with great sillgae. At last, Mugler has been able to scare me with one of his creations, I thought the day would never come.
    I do not get the fig itself, but I get some fresh green fruity notes. And the salt, well, it’s pure salt to me, not “yeasty” at all. Though I’d love to smell what you’re smelling, it’s sounds really different and interesting!

    I did discover this: if you like the scent of Womanity, but find it too potent, try the lotion of body cream. Ofcourse the scent won’t last that long, but it’s very soothing and fresh, and I actually get the fig here.

    You know that movie with Vin Diesel, Th Chronicles of Riddick? I think the top of the bottle looks exactly like the ships of the Necromongers in that movie. So no, not really attractive in my opinion.


    • It’s amazing how we can smell things so differently isn’t it? I like your oyster analogy though, and can totally see where you’re coming from – Womanity definitely has a briny quality to it.

      Oh and yes the name is HIDEOUS!

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