Saturday Poll: Are You a Perfume Snob?

Last week’s Saturday Poll asked you to vote for your favourite Thierry Mugler fragrance. I wanted to know who was most popular; Angel, Alien, A*Men, Womanity or Cologne? The results didn’t go the way I expected having, in my head, predicted Angel to reign supreme, despite the feelings of love and hate she inspires in people.

But no, I was wrong, it appears that you people prefer the “intergalactic jasmine” of Alien, which received a pretty decent 34% of the vote. What did really surprise me though was the lack of love for Womanity, which only received a measly 6% of the vote. As much as Womanity is polarising (aren’t all of the Mugler’s) I did think that the fact that it is so unique and unusual would have given it a higher percentage.

On to this week’s poll…

This Week’s Poll

I want to know whether you are a perfume snob. A perfume snob, by my definition, is someone who only pays attention to the finer, more expensive perfumes that are available and dismisses the riffraff (i.e. designer and drug store fragrances) as lesser beings.

So, what are you? A perfume snob? Or are you all inclusive?

I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below

My Vote

As much as I would like to say that I’m a perfume snob, I do have delusions of grandeur after all, I simply cannot. I am as happy buying a £170 bottle of Amouage as I am a £10 bottle of Salvador Dali. If it smells good and I can afford it, Ima have it!