Saturday Poll: Which is Your Favourite Vero Profumo Scent?

Last week’s Saturday Poll asked you about your birthday perfume traditions, and specifically whether you asked for, and received perfume for your birthday or whether you liked to treat yourself. It seems that the majority of you (59%) take the matter into your own hands and treat yourselves to a lovely perfumed-gift on your birthday. Very sensible if you ask me!

I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Al Oudh from Nigel this year, who obviously was feeling the perfume love. I also treated myself to bottles of Amouage’s Honour Woman (a major lemming of mine for a whole year) and Guerlain’s Pamplelune. So yes, I was well and truly spoiled.

On to this week’s poll…

This Week’s Poll

Since Vero Kern recently unveiled the latest addition to her Vero Profumo collection, a beautiful green chypre called ‘Mito‘, there has been a lot of discussion about her fragrances online and a whole lot of buzz about the newbie (which is absolutely beautiful btw – please do check out my review), which led me to wondering: which of the Vero Profumo fragrances is your favourite?

Does your heart lie with Kiki, Onda or Rubj in Extrait?; Or does your allegiance lie with one of the Eau de Parfums?; Or is Mito the one for you?

I want to know! Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

My Vote

My overall opinion is that there is not a single dud in the Vero Profumo line, in fact the reality is the opposite, they are all fantastic and I would consider the three extraits to all be five star fragrances (reviews of the EDPs to come next week).

That said, it’s not difficult for me not to pick a favourite: Rubj Extrait. Yes, Rubj is the obvious choice for me because it’s the floral, and yes I do go all gooey-eyed over anything containing more than one flower, BUT it’s so much more than that! To me Rubj is a big floral drawn in pastel coloured chalks, the colours are vibrant yet soft and the lines between the colours are smudged and blended so perfectly it’s hard to make out when one stops and another begins.

I’d go as far as exclaiming that Rubj Extrait is one of my all-time favourite perfumes. There I said it.