A Special Fragrant Event – Instability-in-Stability (The Loft Project)

In a dark dark loft there was a dark dark box and in the dark dark box there is a world of memories and secrets waiting for you to unravel…

My good friend and Performance Artist & Digital Archivist, Cara Davies is currently running a practice-led research project exploring how strategies for archive construction can be activated as a live artwork and digitally mediated performance.

Five days a week for 12 weeks Cara will be dedicating her time to building an archive of her stored belongings. She will identify, organise and catalogue her life.

Next Friday, The Candy Perfume Boy and the Instability-In-Stability project will be teaming up to discuss scent/olfactory memory and the smells and fragrances of their teenage years.

I hope that you can join us between 19:00 and 20:00 GMT on Friday 12 August 2011 for this event, which will be broadcast live on LiveStream. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about our discussion please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments box below.

You can catch Cara in the loft all of this week live on LiveStream.