Brilliance or Bullshit? Concepts in Fragrance – A New Fragrant Event

Thursday 01 September 2011 – 19:00 – 20:00

Get your bullshit detectors and brilliance radars at the ready we are going to uncover the truth and lies embedded in the concepts of fragrance, performance and everyday life! The Candy Perfume Boy returns to the loft as part of the Instability-in-Stability project where he and Cara will decipher just what performance and perfume can evoke in us, questioning how influenced our opinions of the these illustrious industries are by what we read in press releases, project blurbs and reviews.

Join us for a series of blind scent tests and performative encounters to help us evaluate the relationship of the concept to the product. We’d love to hear your views on the power of words in connection to the power of scent. Exactly to what extent are we led by the perfumers ideas?

If you have any suggestions for or questions about the event please leave them in the comments box below.