Perfume Pic of the Week No. 20: The Perfume Society & TCPB in The Scented Letter

Perfume Pic of the Week No.20 - The Perfume Society
Perfume Pic of the Week No.20 – The Perfume Society

There’s a new perfume website in town and it’s called The Perfume Society. Joining the legions of perfume blogs, fragrance databases and smelly forums, this new site is a joint-venture between journalist and co-founder of Green & Blacks chocolate, Jo Fairley, and consultant to the perfume industry, Lorna McKay, and appears to be an immersive guide to fragrance, ranging from perfume news to insightful guides to ingredients, fragrance families and perfume houses.

The Perfume Society describe themselves as follows:

“We’re much, much more than just a website: we’re a also a subscription organisation for perfume-lovers, offering events (including ‘meet the nose’ events), courses, sampling opportunities, and a beautiful regular downloadable magazine, The Scented Letter.

Through our longstanding contacts in the world of perfume – perfumers, bottle designers, brand creators, the fashion designers who have their names on some of the world’s bestselling scents – we have our finger on the pulse-point of everything that’s happening – and we are delighted to share it with you here.”

I have reserved this week’s ‘Perfume Pic of the Week’ slot for The Perfume Society because, after a number of hours absorbing its content, I must admit that it is very good. I especially enjoyed the ‘Ingredients’ section, in which one can find a description of a particular material, as well as a list of perfumes that contain it. So, for example, if one wants to find a perfume with a ‘Tiare’ note, they can do so quite easily. Lots of time can be lost in this feature, believe me!

Recently, I was asked by Jo to write a piece for The Perfume Society’s magazine, The Scented Letter, detailing my journey into fragrance and how I became a perfume blogger, in which I may threaten to chase people down the street with a bottle of Shalimar… I found the task quite fun and it was interesting, even for me, to look back on what started my love of perfume and how I found the confidence to start putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as was the case.

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If you fancy checking out The Perfume Society’s website, you can do so by clicking here. Subscribers will be able to download a copy of The Scented Letter. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the site and the piece in the comments box below!

Image 1 is a screenshot of The Perfume Society’s website. I am not affiliated with The Perfume Society.