Smelly News: ODOU Kickstarts Issue Four

“It is a unique magazine; there are no other publications that explore the sense of smell alone.”

– Liam Moore

ODOU, the magazine dedicated to the world of smell and fragrance, has taken to kickstarter to help launch its fourth issue. The brainchild of Liam Moore, ODOU explores smell through poetry, photography, personal stories and interviews, just to name a few of its mediums, and is already gaining a massive following. Last year, the magazine won the much-coveted Jasmine Literary Award, and this year it has gained no less than six nominations (requesting permission to brag – including an article of mine in issue three) – and that’s all by the third issue. ODOU has got off to an impressive start, for sure.

I’ve had the privilege of writing for ODOU and I have faith that issue four will be just as fascinating and moving as the first three. I will definitely be backing the kickstarter, not only because I think it will be a success, but because there is nothing quite like it on the market. This magazine beautifully outlays some of the best olfactory content out there, in a way that nobody else does. It deserves to be huge. For more info on ODOU and Liam’s crowdfunding, or to back the project, click here to visit the magazine’s kickstarter page. Also, for a quote from Liam re the project, just head below the jump.

“I’m on Kickstarter to raise funds to print issue four.

I started the magazine as a side project via an online, on-demand printing service. However I’m limited to the standards set by this service. Getting to three issues was my first goal and I’m confident that future issues can be even better. I need to go down the traditional printing road to achieve this.

I’ve already got the majority of the content in for issue four and work has already begun on laying out and experimenting with layouts and concepts.

Reaching the goal would mean printing issue four in a fitting format that’s deserving of the content within.

Backing ODOU issue four would enable the magazine to stand on its own for future issues.

It would mean crafting a magazine with a befitting look and feel that could not have been achieved previously with an on-demand printing service.

With this in mind, I won’t be developing digital versions of the magazine at this time.”

– Liam Moore

Video and quotes via ODOU @ Kickstarter.