Candy’s Christmas Gift Edit: Quirky Perfume Gifts

Quirky Perfume Gifts
Quirky Perfume Gifts

This is my fourth gift guide this Christmas season and you would be forgiven for thinking that this means that I, myself am quite organised with my Christmas shopping this year. Well, my friends, you would be as wrong as Donald Trump on foreign policy (#Topical). In fact, I have been pretty appalling this year and have managed to buy one present. That’s right, one single measly gift. Hopefully I can make amends for my lack of organisation and yuletide consumerism with this, my final gift guide for 2015.

So far we’ve picked out some delightful scented candles and oohed and ahhed at some cheap and mindblowingly expensive gifts. We’ve even done a round-up of Escentual gifts for perfume lovers too! Now we’re at the very last one and I wanted to finish of my guide to gifting with a look at some unconventional perfume gifts, for the quirky perfume lovers in your life. Below the jump you’ll find five fragrant gifts that are a little bit different. So, if you need something scented that is a must have for that loveable weirdo in your life, I’ve got your back this Christmas.

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea & Bath Infuser [Image: The Body Shop]
Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea & Bath Infuser by The Body Shop [Image: The Body Shop]
Good tea scents are difficult to come across so when you find a good one, it’s something worth celebrating. One of the tea scents I enjoy the most is The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea, which is full of wonderfully fuzzy green tea with oodles of gleaming bergamot. A novel way of enjoying this lovely tea scent is with the bath tea and bath infuser. Packaged like loose leaf tea (it even contains real green tea leaves) and dunked into the bath using the bath infuser, the experience of bathing in this stuff is as relaxing as a sip of hot green tea. I recommend this for anyone who needs to relax but wants to do so in a slightly OTT way.

A perfect gift for: People who just need to chillax in style this Christmas.

Buy it for: £17 from (300g of Bath Tea is £12 & the Infuser is £5)

Death & Decay by Gorilla Perfume [Image: Lush]
Death & Decay by Gorilla Perfume [Image: Lush]
Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like the prospect of death and decay, it’s true. The world may be celebrating in an endless cycle of consumerism but some people, to quote that dude from Batman, “just want to watch the world burn”.  For those people we have Death & Decay by Gorilla Perfume, a surprisingly chipper overdose of lily and carrion-like indole that smells about a million times more beautiful than its name may suggest. If you know someone who is a Scrooge type who would rather do almost anything then spend time with you this Christmas, then Death & Decay may just be the thing to make them very happy. Alternatively, this is a good gift for your goth friends. We all have them.

A perfect gift for: Goths, Les Miserables and bah-humbug-type, or those that simply love a white floral.

Buy it for: £30 for 30ml perfume and £8 for 12g solid perfume from Lush stores and online at

Jo Malone London Christmas Cracker
Jo Malone London Christmas Cracker

The art of surprise is essential to gift giving and what could be more surpising than presenting your gifts as Christmas Crackers at the dinner table? What if they were Jo Malone London Christmas Crackers to boot? Once pulled, your loved ones will receive Peony & Blush Suede Body Crème (15ml), Lime, Basil & Mandarin Body Wash (15ml), and Blackberry & Bay Cologne (9ml), rather than fortune telling fish and dodgy jokes. I’d certainly accept your invitation to Christmas dinner if these were on offer. Just make sure you get a bottle of red and some Quality Street in for me. Thanks.

A perfect gift for: The effortless stylish but humorous.

Buy it for: £32 from Jo Malone London stores, John Lewis and

Fresh Couture by MOSCHINO [Image: My Own (any excuse to roll this one out again, right?)]
Fresh Couture by MOSCHINO [Image: My Own (any excuse to roll this one out again, right?)]
You can’t beat a quirky bottle as a gift at Christmas, and bottles don’t come more quirky than MOSCHINO’s Fresh Couture. Many a time I have waltzed around the house, pinny and marigolds on, toting my bottle of Fresh Couture and pretending that I’m cleaning whilst proclaiming that when I clean, I only use MOSCHINO. My husband does point out that I don’t actually every do any cleaning but hey, I keep the house fragrant, isn’t that enough? Buy a bottle of this for your teens that just have to have the coolest and kitchiest thing around.

A perfect gift for: Quirky teenagers that need the ‘in thing’.

Buy it for: £70 for 100 Eau de Toilette (other sizes are also available) from

The Sexiest Chemistry Set on the Planet
The Sexiest Chemistry Set on the Planet

This chemistry set may be sexy but the experimentation it encourages is most definitely of the fragrant kind, not the sexual. Straight from the 4160 Tuesdays studio comes a great gift for any perfume addict or budding perfumista who wants to have a go at customizing their own scent. Packaged with 30ml of perfumer, Sarah McCartney’s ever popular ‘The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO)‘ and 20 raw materials diluted in alcohol, this chemistry set allows you to make your very own version of the fragrance, depending on what is sexy to you. I’d be tempted to add either lavender or tuberose, for sure (but not together). What’s more, it comes with pipettes, an atomizer, glass bottles and some recipes to get you started. Basically all you need to make your very own scent, you sexy devils.

A perfect gift for: Scientists, die-hard perfumistas, mad hatters and generally sexy people.

Buy it for: £120 from The set contains: 30ml Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) Eau de Parfum, 20 x 4ml perfumery materials diluted to EdT or EdP strength, between 5% and 10% in perfumers’ alcohol, 20 pipettes, one for each material, 10 x plain glass bottles for your own blends, 100 perfume blotters (mouilettes) – if you run out, you can always cut up thick paper. Watercolour paper is great, 1 x 12ml atomiser spray, one gorgeous 4160Tuesdays notepad for keeping record, and six recipes to start you off

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