An Interview With The Perfume Shop + The Return of Super Scent

What's on The Candy Perfume Boy's Perfume Shellfie?
What’s on The Candy Perfume Boy’s Perfume Shellfie?

I am honoured to have taken part in an interview with British fragrance retailer, The Perfume Shop, to see what’s on my perfume shelfie. As you can imagine, there are quite a few scents on my shelf, so we talked about six that are in regular rotation at the moment, including a couple of my all-time favourites. We also covered some of my favourite ingredients, and non-perfume smells, as well as what perfume I’d like to make for myself. Click here to head on over to The Perfume Shop’s blog to read the interview.

Also, there is another instalment of Super Scent coming on Monday! Now, if you’re not familiar, Super Scent is a collaboration between myself, Persolaise and Basenotes, where we each pick our top five (or a few more if the brand has an extensive catalogue) from a popular brand. In the past we’ve done; Lauder, Dior and Etat Libre d’Orange, and on Monday we pick a new house to super-size. So, who is it? Well, last time I gave the game away, so I’m going to drop a very, very subtle clue: this house is French. That shouldn’t narrow it done too much…. I’ll see you on Monday!

Image via The Perfume Shop.