Holy Jasmine, Batman! Gorilla Perfume Lust Perfume Review

How do you like your Jasmine? Do you take it with bright purple lipstick, red patent heels and a smoking attitude? Do you like your Jasmine to be dressed up like Jessica Rabbit in her sparkly red (almost obscene) gown casually popping pink bubblegum?

If your answer to any of the above is ‘Yes’ then Lust by Gorilla Perfume may be the jasmine for you. This fragrance is not for the faint hearted or the shrinking violets. If you consider yourself a wallflower then you are best to move along quickly, you may find what’s in this bottle slightly terrifying.

Lust is a jasmine-and-a-half, the jasmine to end all jasmines. Have I got my point across?

Lust was launched in 2010 as part of the revamped Lush perfume range, fabulously titled ‘Gorilla Perfume’. Upon launch, the revamped line consisted of a number of new scents (of which Lust was one) and a selection of relaunched scents from Lush and B Never too Busy to be Beautiful.

Gorilla Perfume describe Lust as a ‘Carnal Jasmine’ [1] which isn’t too far off the mark, I don’t think ‘Carnal’ would be the word I would choose but there is certainly a good amount of raunch going on.

The Notes

Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

How Does it Smell?

The initial spray of Lust is positively shocking, it’s loud, proud and chock full of indole. The jasmine is pushed up to almost gourmand levels of sweetness and has that lovely rubbery quality of hot, white flowers. If you don’t like sweet fragrances then you are best to avoid Lust, it has epic sweetness throughout and hiding behind that ultra-sweet jasmine are cool tones of menthol and camphor.

I listened to an interview on the old Gorilla Perfume website where the perfumer said that Lust is a perfume to get you laid (Mr Constantine does not mince his word) and I completely understand what he means. Lust has a vampish quality to it that makes me think of the kind of lady that doesn’t take no for an answer.

The jasmine pretty much carries on throughout the whole fragrance, but as the rose and ylang ylang come through, Lust takes on a more jammy, burned sugar quality similar to candy floss. This is not the horrible cloying candy floss that we can see in scents such as Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf), it’s softer than that and it works perfectly with the sweet bubblegum of the jasmine.

Lust’s base notes are all about vanilla and sandalwood. This is where the fragrance softens considerably and after a few hours, all you’re left with is a sweet vanilla creaminess that is more than addictive. I do detect something earthy in the base, perhaps a drop of patchouli or two.

As much as I enjoy and love the novelty of the over-the-top nature of this fragrance I do wish that there was something to tone down the sweetness, perhaps more citrus in the top notes or more strength to the earthier notes in the base.

Lust is a whirlwind of a fragrance, and if you like your fragrances bubblegum sweet then I think you will really enjoy it. It is a recognisably ‘Lush’ fragrance and many people who enjoy their bath and body products will probably find Lust right up their alley.


Lust is available in all Lush stores in the UK and on the Gorilla Perfume/Lush website. It is availble in 2g, 9g and 27g Eau de Parfum with prices ranging from £2-£20.


This review is based on a bottle of Lust purchased by myself.

[1] gorillaperfume.com

Image 1 toptopic4all.blogspot.com

Image 2 2uptop.com


20 thoughts on “Holy Jasmine, Batman! Gorilla Perfume Lust Perfume Review

  1. I like Lust. You’ve very accurately suggested either brighten up the top or strengthen the base… Would be nice to see what goes on there. It’s a very powerful commanding perfume, it wants your attention too. Might have to give it another whiff, however they’re new glasses with the paper in them, don’t quite accurately represent the fragrance enough.

      • You know the “cocktail glass lined with paper” some perfume counters have. Same thing with glasses in Lush. I can see the point, but they smell odd, maybe it’s the paper in there, or maybe staff are over-spraying them!? I’m not sure

  2. I tend to combine Lust with a little Karma or Breath of God.. both of which tend to balance out the sweet high notes with a more base Patchouli/Sandlewood…

    Lovely stuff!

  3. After this review, I am even more afraid of Lust then before… 😉
    I think this is not exactly my cup of tea. The jasmine to end all jasmines could very well be my end as well.

  4. This sounds great I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled to see if it is available locally.
    I have been fascinated with the jasmine/vanilla combo since encountering Creed’s VANISIA.

    • It should be available in your local Lush store if you have one, if not they are available on line.

      I’ve not tried Vanisia I can’t compare, but I would imagine that it is nowhere near as outrageous as Lust, in fact I’d struggle to find a fragrance that is!

  5. Somehow Lust wound up being my very first perfume purchase from Lush, despite the fact that it revolted me upon first sniff and that I get a hankering for jasmine maybe twice a year. (Big white florals wear me, rather than the other way around.) But when Lust works, it works. I love wearing it in winter, when it clings to the collar of my leather jacket and makes it smell like luxury and danger at all once (does anyone make a jasmine/leather perfume? because I’d be all over that); and I love wearing it in high summer, which is of course jasmine’s natural habitat. Lust blooms spectacularly, almost obnoxiously, in the heat and is in my opinion the quintessential “sultry summer night out” perfume.

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  8. I’ve been coveting this perfum for awhile now. On my most recent Lush trip, I sprayed a paper with it to stick it in my wallet to make me wallet smell pretty…like I do every time I’m in lush.

    I was hesitant to get it because I didn’t know how my partner would feel about it. One of the employees have me the idea of using one of their massage bar in a similar scent (can’t remember the name…going back tomorrow) on him to help him relate the scent to a relaxing, sexy time. Then she showed me the 93,000 miles shower jelly in a similar scent. She couldn’t sample that as its a solid….so I said to hell with it and just bought the perfume.

    My partner doesn’t usually notice my usual perfumes often but definitely noticed this one. He liked it, but punched him in the face a bit. (And I don’t wear more perfume than I should.) but when our night got hot and heavy, he LOVED the smell.
    I even got a text from him saying that he had the scent in his nose all day and all he could think about was…..well, you know.

    Which is awesome, because that’s how I react to this perfum.

    I found my next signature scent for a few years.

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