I Know I Shouldn’t, But I Do – Those Guilty Pleasure Perfumes

Firecracker Cupcake

We all have them, those things that we know we shouldn’t love but we secretly do. I have lots of guilty pleasures, whether they be food, fragrance, music, movies or TV shows, there are lots of things that I know are a bit naff but I love them regardless.

There are so many fragrances on the market and us perfumistas are constantly on the search for the great fragrances, the ones that smell so good we just cannot live without them. It’s a long ongoing journey and along the way we find the bad, the dull, the weird, the downright hideous and of course the guilty pleasures.

So what exactly is a guilty pleasure perfume? Well to me they are those fragrances that you know are bad because they are a dreadful celebuscent or the quality of the composition (or both) or because they are painfully mainstream, but you still like them anyway.

When putting this post together there was one fragrance that instantly came to mind….

Britney Spears FantasyBritney Spears Fantasy

Ok, ok, please don’t judge me too harshly, I know how bad this looks. I just can’t help myself, you understand don’t you?!

Fantasy by Britney Spears is a hideously sweet concoction consisting of berries, lychee, vanilla and musk, it is haphazardly splashed together and it’s loud & obnoxious but I like it. Why?! I hear you scream! Well because to me it smells just like cupcakes, and I really love cupcakes.

Those of you who are ready to click the ‘x’ in the corner and never visit this blog again, I understand, I know that my credibility has gone completely out of the window (along with my dignity) but please don’t, you’ve got to understand that this happens to the best of us, it could happen to you.

Those of you with a guilty pleasure perfume now is your chance to come clean and not be judged (ok, well maybe a little). If you have a perfume that is a guilty pleasure, one you know you shouldn’t like but you do, please let me know in the comments box below, I’d be interested to hear your confessions.


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