The ‘Gone, But Not Forgotten’ Series

Antique Perfume BottlesIn the ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ series I will be taking a look at those wonderful fragrances that for one reason or another are no longer with us. They are the sadly departed and greatly missed fragrances of yesterday, the ones that despite being innovative, interesting and lovely smelling, didn’t quite make it.

I will be starting with the first in the series, Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent*, on Saturday and aim to cover as many discontinued greats as possible. In each article I will review each perfume in the usual way, but I will also discuss potential reasons for why they were discontinued.

I Want You to Get Involved

There are lots of discontinued fragrances out there and I would like suggestions from you rather lovely people of which ones you would like me to write about. I will then try my absolute best to try and get hold of a sample for review, but do bear in mind that some are very tricky to get hold of!

Please leave your suggestions in the comments box below.


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* Nu was the first review to be specifically written for the series, however I have since decided to add an earlier review of Kingdom by Alexander McQueen to the series. Kingdom becomes Part 1 in the series and Nu moves to being Part 2 (18 October 2011)