Saturday Poll: Are You a Sprayer or a Dabber?

Due to my dreaded university assignments (I promise to stop banging on about them as soon as I recover mentally from the ordeal) there was no Saturday Poll last week but if your memory serves you well and goes back to the week before you will know that our last instance of perfume by the numbers focused on the subject of concentrations.

The results of the concentrations poll were interesting; 51% said that the concentration of choice depends entirely on the scent, a sentiment that I very much agree with and 39% favoured Eau de Parfum as a general rule of thumb. What really interested me about this particular poll is that the issue of dabbing vs spraying was raised a few times in the comments, which leads us nicely on to this week’s poll.

The Poll

I’d like to settle the spraying vs dabbing argument once and for all! Are you a sprayer or are you a dabber? OR do you not care, you just want to wear the perfume no matter how it is applied? Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

My Vote

I am most definitely a sprayer. I like my perfume to have a strong presence and I find that spraying gives a perfume more of a lift and a stronger sillage. It is true that you have less control with the quantity you are applying when you spray but the overall affect is much more pleasing to my nose than that of perfume dabbed on the skin. I’m not only pro-spraying but I’m also quite anti-dabbing and always decant dab samples or pure parfum into a small atomiser so they can be sprayed.