Saturday Poll: Do You Gender Bend?

Last week I was in the mood for discussing the subject of celebuscents, a topic which many would possibly call “the scorn of the perfume industry”. The poll asked you whether you think celebuscents are “yay”, “nay” or simply “meh” and the results show that the majority of you (43%), myself included, think that on the whole they’re pretty dire but there are a few good ones that go a decent way in offering some redemption for this much maligned genre.

Anyway, enough talk of celebuscents and on to this week’s poll…

The Poll

This week I would like to hear what you think of perfume gender bending. Do you wear any kind of fragrance, regardless of the ‘gender’ or do you like to stay firmly within the categories of ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’? Are you not entirely sure about where you stand? I want to know your thoughts. Register your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

My Vote

I’m a firm believer that a fragrance does not have a gender, and that any masculine or feminine attributes a fragrance has is part of the identity constructed by marketing departments whose sole aim is to SELL the perfume.

When I approach a perfume the gender doesn’t factor into my opinion, if I like it I’ll wear it, it doesn’t matter whether it comes in a pink bottle with plastic flowers on top, if it smells good I’m in. Most of my collection consists of what our lovely marketing friends would call ‘feminine’ fragrance, but I do have my fair share of ‘masculines’ and there are one or two feminines that are perhaps a bit too oestrogen-filled for me to pull off. All-in-all I say “gender schmender”!

For more info on my view of gender bending in perfume please read my article Man! I Smell Like a Woman.