“People Who Smell Like Everyone Else Disgust Me” – Christopher Brosius

Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume is certainly a character. His alternative approach to perfume, which includes absolutes of roast dinner and scents based on personal memories, is certainly unique and he most definitely has very distinct views on the subject of fragrance. Like him or not, he’s got something to say!

Today I’m sharing an interesting video profile of Christopher Brosius put together by Monomania. In it he discusses a new composition, why he hates perfume and how scent and survival are inextricably linked. Tell me what you think, and whilst we’re on the subject of CB and his hatred of perfume don’t forget to check out my reviews of 7 Billion Hearts and Where We Are There Is No Here.

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Video: I Hate Perfume from Monomania on Vimeo.