The Infinite Man – Divine L’Homme Infini Perfume Review + Sample Giveaway

L'Homme Infini

The Infinite Man

Yesterday, in honour of Movember, I took a look at some of my favourite barbershop scents in The Candy Perfume Boy’s Movember Barbershop Quartet. Alongside some of the old favourites and classics I included a brand new fragrance launching this month that is as barbershop and gentlemanly as the best of them, albeit in an atypical way; L’Homme Infini by Divine.

Divine is not a fragrance house that I have had a huge amount of exposure to in the past. I do know that two of their masculines (L’Homme Sage and L’Homme de Coeur) are cult favourites amongst male fumeheads, and smelling the samples I have it’s easy to see why; each is a contemporary and confident take on classic masculine styles of perfumery.

L’Homme Infini (The Infinite Man) is the latest fragrance to join Divine’s stable of masculines. Created by Yann Vasnier (Bang, L’Homme de Coeur, L’Homme Sage, Anima Dulcis and Santal Blush) and is described using words such as “serene” and “tender”. To me it feels like a fragrance of balance, with just the right proportions of rugged manly things and soft gentleness to create something that plays to the many contrasts of the modern man.

L'Homme Infini

L’Homme Infini

The Notes

Top: Coriander Leaf, Elemi, Black Pepper and Coriander Grain
Heart: Cedar, Vetiver, Oud and Oak
Base: Amber, Benzoin and Serenolide

How Does it Smell?

The first thing one notices when smelling L’Homme Infini is a big dose of black pepper. It crackles and wafts up ones nose but it is restrained enough, thanks to the silvery, woody quality of elemi, not to cause one to sneeze. In the first instance it is difficult not to draw a comparison with Vasnier’s other pepper-centric creation for Marc Jacobs ‘Bang’, but L’Homme Infini is much more reserved and the opening splash of pepper subdues rather quickly.

Woods, of varying origins and textures, play a big part in L’Homme Infini’s development and they go a long way to create a strong juxtaposition between hard and smooth. The harshness of cedar is tempered by the depth of oak. At times it does lean more to the dry end of the scale, but despite the weight (and butchness) of the materials used the overall effect is remarkably buoyant and light.

What I really enjoy about L’Homme Infini is the underlying herbal creamy-ness that gives it that wonderful barbershop vibe. One can’t help but think of an impeccably groomed gentleman whilst wearing it, but that’s not to say that one can only wear it when one wants a Mo trim, not at all, in fact the base of vetiver-tinged amber and benzoin gives the style an unusual, and very plush/powdery twist.

L’Homme Infini is a very well-made fragrance and it is just unusual enough to set it apart from others of the same ilk. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, as woody-centric masculines don’t usually wow me, but it’s safe to say I was very impressed by it’s retro and atypical barbershop style. In all honestly, it’s not a fragrance that I will find myself running out to buy but it is something that will I happily recommend to those looking for something smart yet unique.


L’Homme Infini is available in 50ml (€70), (€95) and 150ml (€120) Eau de Parfum Splash and 50ml (€79) Eau de Parfum Spray.

— — —


Would you like to try L’Homme Infini? I have a set of 1.7ml samples of L’Homme Infini, L’Homme Sage and L’Homme de Coeur to give away. All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment stating what your favourite barbershop-style fragrance is.


i) the draw will be closed at 17:00 on Monday 26 November; ii) the winner will be announced on The Candy Perfume Boy on Tuesday 27 November; iii) the winner will be selected at random; iv) if the winner has not made contact with The Candy Perfume Boy by Monday 03 December, an alternative winner may be selected; v) the prize will be posted by The Candy Perfume Boy and the winner’s address will not be shared with any third parties; vi) The Candy Perfume Boy takes no responsibility for items being lost in the post or customs charges that may be incurred; vii) readers from anywhere in the world are eligible to enter; viii) entries must follow the rules outlined above; ix) relatives or anyone associated with The Candy Perfume Boy are not permitted to enter; x) the prize consists of samples provided by Divine for The Candy Perfume Boy’s consideration.

PR Sample. Images via press release. Notes via Basenotes. Qoutes via Divine.


55 thoughts on “The Infinite Man – Divine L’Homme Infini Perfume Review + Sample Giveaway

  1. Fougere Royale! It instills a deep sense of confidence in me tat is strong and reassuring. I think it was Beryl Reid who said that to get the character she was playing right, she started with the shoes. Fougere Royale is a great pair of handmade Church’s brogues.

  2. i’m still not exactly sure what a barbershop fragrance is… it’s been a long time since i’ve been in one… but as i recall they vaguely smell of synthetic lavender, wet animal hair (from shaving brushes i assume), and leather. is Eau Imperiale one? i suddenly feel so olfactory ignorant.

  3. Definively English Fern by Penhaligon’s.
    As classical, archetypal as exciting. Not an every day fragrance, because that’s agressive, sharp, cold, with no softness. Not quiet at all. Disturbing because that’s élégant and provocative. You recognize a fougere (fern) but it’s so powerful and naked that you rediscover each time this family. It stays always on the edge. A great paradox : familiar, of very good taste and in the same time wild and with a strong unsociable side.
    EF has a very strong personality and is not pretty with the empty people. No lie with him, you must be honest and yourself, without posture. Spray it on a dandy and this one will be squashed in the minute.
    I like to wear in it just for me, when I feel not in a compromising mood. When I don’t want to be obliging or seductive. A fragrance perfect for untamed days. A sort of truth serum.

  4. My absolute favourite is Gucci Envy(Ysl Rive Gauche comes second) . A classy, sophisticated with an expensive and clean barbershop vibe. It’s a shame that they discontinued it.

  5. Definitely not my to go to genre.
    But I do have Caron Pour Un Homme, Penhaligon’s Endymion, and my fav of the lot, Fragonard Cologne Grand Luxe; love it because of the sweet base.

  6. DNEM Thomas,
    I just wanted to say my all time fave barbershop is Tabac Original. I still reach for it some days and will wear it tonight in your moustaches honour, Over what’s left of my Vintage Chanel No 5 EdP. Should smell like a gangster and his mole.
    Portia xx

  7. Although I’m not a huge fan of masculine fragrances (sorta like you), I’d go with Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, just because it’s a fougere, and a well-done one at that.

  8. YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme definitely! But in the old good metal flask, the current version is just poor shade of the orginal! I can also think about Sartorial and Le Male, but the latter I would rather call least favourite 🙂 Lavender is the clue, I guess.

    • Lavender is certainly the clue!

      I was so disappointed by those YSL re-releases. NU and M7 were nothing like the originals. It’s a shame to hear that Rive Gauche is the same. I’ll have to stock up on some of the old version.

      You have been entered into the draw.

  9. I would *love* to try this as I am a huge fan of l’Homme Sage & l’Homme de Coeur and really dig a lot of Vasnier’s creations.

    My favorite “typical” barbershop fragrance has to be Caron Pour un Homme – sort of the benchmark, IMO. I don’t think the woodier fragrances are really very barbershop (at least not to my nose.)

    • I definitely wouldn’t classify the over Divines as barbershop, but L’Homme Infini certainly has that vanillic/herbal quality that makes me thing of grooming.

      Caron Pour un Homme is an excellent choice.

      You have been entered into the draw.

  10. Rive Gauche is great, have to stick to Gray Flannel though. The violet leaves remind my of my favorite shaving cream; Trumpers Violet.

    You have been entered into the draw.

  11. I’m afraid that ‘barbershop’ aint anywhere near my fave frag genre. As the requisite ‘lavender’ I’ve unfortunately become quite tired of, unless it’s quietly in the background. But oddly enough I was nevertheless a fan of ‘Le Male’ when it first came out, and often wish that it wasn’t so damned ubiquitous. – Other than that, I was also a fan of the original ‘Rive Gauche’.

    Also, please can you tell me, how prominent is the ‘coriander leaf’ note in L’Homme Infini ?? (As I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my über-dislike of said note before, no !?) But am nevertheless quite intrigued by this one, as I find some of the Divine frags really excellent.

      • After saying that, there’s actually been one CLeaf scent recently that was the exception to the rule, i.e. Fils de Dieu. Even whilst strongly detecting the CL, I still really enjoy it – which was a huge surprise. So perhaps I’ve started turning a new (coriander) leaf !? 😉

        And > it’s a pleasure ! … (Sorry it wasn’t more, but ’empty-pockets’ & all that – my fume-budget is in a dire state at the mo.) 😐

  12. Burt’s Bees Bay Rum is pleasant and barbershoppy, though not very long lasting. Rive Gauche pour Homme is a wee bit too modern for that retro feel, and besides I think I’m a wee bit anosmic to it, it only seems to last for minutes on my skin. I have a fondness for Royal Bain de Caron, a floral ambery powder. Simple enough, but its big plus is that nobody I know wears it, so it always gets a positive response.

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