Smelly News: La Légende de Shalimar

Guerlain has released a beautiful movie for its flagship fragrance Shalimar. Running at a length of just under 6 minutes and featuring Russian model Natalia Vodianova, the glorious epic tells the story of a love like no other and the inspiration for Guerlain’s iconic fragrance – the legend of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.

With its breathtaking visuals and sweeping soundtrack La Légende de Shalimar (directed by Bruno Aveillan) truly is a feast for the senses that is perfectly befitting for a fragrance that speaks of a romance that transcends time and space. What do you think?

More info below the jump:

“Discover the film “The Legend of Shalimar” long version, directed by Bruno Aveillan and featuring Natalia Vodianova. Once upon a time in India, a love story between a Mughal emperor and his beloved wife. In the 17th century troubadours immortalized on their sitars loves of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. A true story became legend, exalted and magnified. This all-powerful emperor, cultivated in the secret of his heart, an indescribable passion for his divine wife. To protect their love, Mumtaz lived in a palace away from the bustle and chaos of the world, surrounded by beautiful gardens, called Shalimar. To join Shah Jahan had to cross the arid steppes surrounded by blue mountains. When he closed his eyes, he imagined to prepare such an odalisque. ll guessed the precious silk carpets, cushions brocades, her maids throwing armfuls of flowers in her bath. He saw her golden hair, could gently caress the grain of his skin and smell her perfume.Images It arose. A breast. A pin. The neck. Nothing more than the tip of the ear, shoulder, his mouth still. Faster, faster, to find her. Suddenly conch vibrating in the air, silencing the shrill cry of the peacocks, he reached the goal of his journey … Shalamar Gardens. Then he saw goddess among goddesses amid flaming.He heard the rattle of his bracelets. Her sari embroidered with gold rustled on his fine and soft silhouette. Finally, he saw his face, as if so much beauty and emotion, lowered eyelids. She stood before him without speaking. He took his time to detail, enjoy the long necklace with beads and later in the hollow breast, guess the secret of her voluptuous trail. This love they lived as a perpetual party plunged them in another place where only had the time. Love this moment that Shah Jahan wanted to capture … He led her to the lake. Not a egret in flight, not a movement in the water when she boarded a small flat-bottomed boat. The whole world seemed to hold its breath, when before their eyes, the water parted and four spikes pierced the surface. They went slowly towards the sky leaving appear four domes of white marble, perched on glistening crystal water that surrounded a gigantic dome immaculate marble minarets. Perforated facades as embroidered in stone galleries with elegant arcades doors, balustrades inlaid with semi-precious stones … an entire palace springs water. A special present. The Taj Mahal will laugh Time and become a “wonder” admired by the world.”

Quote and Video via Guerlain on YouTube.