Hedonism or Over Indulgence? – Viktoria Minya Hedonist Perfume Review


Hedonism or Over Indulgence?

When preparing a review of a fragrance I usually wear it on five or six separate occasions, whilst each time jotting my thoughts down in my perfume book. There is a method to my madness it seems and this process allows me to piece together the many intricacies (or lack thereof in some cases) that make up a perfume.

Most follow this trajectory, allowing me to form a strong opinion at the end of my trials. This however, is not the case for all perfumes that I sample and there is a small category of ‘undefinables’ that seem almost tricky to fathom out. These slippery fishes can either cause great interest or mass frustration, depending on how things pan out and perhaps one of the most severe cases of perfume miffed-ness comes from Viktoria Minya’s Hedonist.

Viktoria Minya is an “award winning Hungarian perfumer” and her first perfume ‘Hedonist’ is described as a “powerful and provocative perfume for a woman who dares to be true to her desires”.ย With a name like ‘Hedonist’ one expects an indulgent, sensory explosion – a feast of odours for one to dine on like a true glutton. But is this hedonist perhaps a tad too over indulgent?

Hedonist by Viktoria Minya

Hedonist by Viktoria Minya

The Notes

Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Rum Absolute and Woods

How Does it Smell?

Hedonist’s initial impression is of a big boozy orange, one that has soaked itself in a rich bath of cognac and rum. It’s all incredibly intense right from the outset and there’s an unusual syrupy, almost stewed quality to the thick layers of the top notes that at times can almost feel a little bit difficult to digest.

The heart is chockablock with shimmering honey and whilst the note is particularly opulent it is in fact rather clean, emitting sunny peach facets as opposed to the deep, pollen and sour animalic features the note is well-known for. I find the honey note to be the most enjoyable part of Hedonist, it melds perfectly with the orange blossom to present an almost euphoric core of golden sun.

In the base, the solar qualities of the heart fade to make way for an opaque accord of wood and leather. There is a touch of coconut that adds some contrast to the heavier notes, but for the most part Hedonist is thick and unwieldy. The description promisesย “the sleek look and feel of snakeskin leather” and one can’t help but sniff Hedonist, especially in the base and think ‘man, I wish I got some of that’.

There is absolutely no denying that Hedonist is a complex perfume but at times it becomes unpalatably dense and its this density that stops me from sharing what seems to be a general enthusiasm for this scent. Viktoria Minya clearly has a unique talent and whilst Hedonist is definitely a case of over indulgence for me I look forward to seeing what she has to offer in the future.


Hedonist is available in 45ml Eau de Parfum for โ‚ฌ130.

Sample via Viktoria Minya. Image 1 via thinkdo3.com. Image 2 via plus.google.com. Notes via basenotes.net. Quotes via viktoriaminya.com.


22 thoughts on “Hedonism or Over Indulgence? – Viktoria Minya Hedonist Perfume Review

  1. Oh cool – snap! – I too just happened to have ordered me a sample of this hedonistic stuff just yesterday. And now aware of your rather unexpected measure of it, u have me all the more spurred with an-ti-ci-pa-tion.

    And ‘too overindulgent’ ? … really ? … you ?? … Can I believe wot I’m reading !? (LOL)
    I mean, for a die hard luvr of all the Mugler ‘indulgences’ I’m rather surprised. – You finding something a little too much. – No !? ๐Ÿ˜€

    This must be one helluva SUPER-dense ‘fume then – if even u with your, ahem not exactly
    quiet predilections, seems to think that there IS after all such a thing as too much of a good ‘fume. (Heh, heh) …

    Now this I’ve gotta sniff. – (Cause ya see, I’m now thinking this reaction of yours seems rather similar to wot u felt bout most of Pierre’s (PG) ‘fumes too. Also a touch too dense & unwearable for your liking, not so !? … Which got me thinking, if this is indeed the case, it’s therefore rather likely that I’m probably gonna enjoy this little ‘hedon’ then ๐Ÿ™‚

    I mean, my top fave ‘fumin time is soon upon us again (yay!) – & this sounds just the thing to warm the fast approaching winter chill.

    That sample can’t get here fast enough. Now I’m REALLY intrigued.

    • That’s an interesting observation but I will say that I feel that PG’s scents are better composed than Hedonist and are more of a case of ‘not for me’ than ‘not good’.

      I do think I could come round to the PG line though. I am still very tempted by a bottle of Djhenne and I can see myself picking up a bottle for winter (like you I’m looking forward to wearing those warmer scents this winter).

      Do keep me updated re your thoughts on Hedonist. I wasn’t wowed tbh, it really does feel too heavy and unwieldy. At least with the Muglers you have that contrast of sparkle to stop them from being cloying.

      • Ah, I see wot u mean. And I will deffo let u kno wot I think of Hedonist the moment I’ve spent a few days with it. (Should be arriving any day now I expect.)

        But am glad to hear that u still hold some hope for the PG’s ; + no better time than this coming winter for u to give them a 2nd chance & get better acquainted. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I’ve found most are definitely at their best in chilly weather.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I found this to be a perfume of two halves too, neither of which suited me, though I could appreciate the scent for its texture (silky, unctuous, well blended). Sadly not so much how it smelt, at least not on me. I don’t care for peachy boozy honey accords, so the opening was never going to reel me in, and then the base was all wrong on my skin – Freddie smelt it on me and pronounced it ‘not good’. There was kind of an earthy, ‘off’ note I can’t put my finger on. He got a flinty quality, I got more of a muddy, herbal, woody facet. Anyway, slippery fish for sure.

      • I just tried out a sample of Hedonist that I got from a friend that other day, and I think I know what you’re talking about. I really liked the opening. I like peachy/boozy osmanthus and honey, but as it dried down, I got something “off” too. It was almost urinous/ammonia to me. Luckily that aspect didn’t last the entire duration of the scent, but it kind of ruined it for me.

  3. Vanessa kindly gave me the remains of her sample and I have to agree with you. Heaven knows I’m not one for over-indulgent scents but this was too much for me. I was disappointed because Birgit and Suzanne really love it.

    It sure lives up to its name though!

  4. Thomas, I love your style, you are so entertaining!!!
    Concerning Hedonist, it is so bizarre that you guys are unlucky with this one…for me it is heaven on earth! I bought my sample based on the wonderful reviews on fragrantica and it smells like pure luxury on my skin!

    • Thank you Christine!

      I’m so glad that you have found love for Hedonist! I can see why you have fallen for it, it is indeed very luxurious – perhaps just a bit too opulent for my tastes.

      Still, I’m really intrigued by what Viktoria Minya will do next.

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  6. I have a sample coming my way, so I will be very interested to see which camp I will land in (i.e ‘hedonist’ or ‘overindulgent’) The person sending some to me, warned that it might be too sweet for me, so we’ll see..:)

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