Escentual’s #FragranceAmnesty

Escentual's #FragranceAmnesty
Escentual’s #FragranceAmnesty

How’s this for a good idea? For the second year in a row Escentual is running a #FragranceAmnesty, where you can name and shame those unwanted fragrant gifts or misguided perfume purchases that have been plaguing your wardrobe since Christmas. The amnesty runs from 13 January-31 January 2014 and allows you to donate unwanted perfume to a good cause in exchange for money off something new. I told you it was a pretty nifty idea…

The process is simple. All you need do is tweet a picture of your unwanted perfume to @Escentual, ncluding the hashtag #FragranceAmnesty and detailing the scents (or type of scents) that you usually wear. The Escentual team (including myself) will then recommend a suitable alternative for you and you’ll also get a £3 voucher towards your new scent for good measure!

If you’re feeling super-generous (and I’m hoping that you are), you can send your unwanted fragrance to Escentual at their freepost address. Escentual will then donate your scent to Give and Make Up, a charity working with Women’s Aid and Refuge that provides essential toiletries and make up to women and children that need them. What’s more, once you have donated your scent, your voucher will be increased to £7.

To read the T&Cs and more details about Escentual’s #FragranceAmnesty, including how to donate unwanted perfume to Give and Make Up, head on over to the Escentual Beauty Buzz.

Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. I am affiliated.