Perfume Pic of the Week No. 9: Guerlain’s Muguet 2014

Guerlain Muguet 2014
Perfume Pic of the Week No. 9: Guerlain’s Muguet 2014

The first day in May is a special day in France, not only is it National Labour Day, but it is also customary on this day to present one’s loved ones with a sprig of lily of the valley (or ‘muguet’ as it is known by the French) in celebration of the beginning of spring. Guerlain, France’s premiere perfume house, are known for embracing tradition and in celebration of this very special day they launch a newly packed version of their limited edition Eau de Toillette ‘Muguet‘.

Last year’s offering was a beautiful papier-mâché interpretation of the famous quadrilobe bottle (which has housed iconic fragrances such as Jicky and Nahéma, to name just a few) and was a tough act to follow. This year’s Muguet (seen above) is entirely different and is housed within the brand’s iconic bee bottle, which is fitting seeing as Guerlain has been going all out for the 160th anniversary of this most special vessel.

Muguet 2014
Muguet 2014

The 2014 edition of Muguet is housed within a porcelain holder, decorated with a lily of the valley motif and created by porcelain artist Brigitte de Bazaleire. The fragrance itself, remains the same as it has for a number of years (you can read a description at Now Smell This here). It is available in 125ml eau de toilette for €400. Only 1872 numbered bottles will be made.

There’s something rather wonderful about Guerlain creating a limited edition perfume just for 01 May. It is in keeping with the spirit of the celebration and would make a wonderful gift to a loved one – that is if you have a spare €400 lying around, of course (it is rather pricey, it cannot be denied). This year’s bottle is absolutely gorgeous but I must say that my absolute favourite version so far was the paper and glass of 2013’s edition – it really was quite something. You can see a number of past editions of Muguet over at Monsieur Guerlain.

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