Perfume Pic of the Week No.10: The Majesty of Minajesty

Perfume Pic of the Week No. 10: Minajesty by Nicki Minaj

Due to being in the throws of the worst man flu since records began (OK, this may possibly be a slight exaggeration) I am bringing this week’s perfume pic to you a day late – apologies. Despite my serious ailment, yesterday Nigel and I made a worthy attempt at finding our wedding suits for the 985th time (again, a slight exaggeration) and in our frustration, and by ‘our’ I of course mean ‘my’, we ended up perusing the fragrance hall in Debenhams.

Of course there wasn’t much of note to sniff amongst the crowded shelves but one thing that did stand out as noteworthy was the new perfume by ‘Superbass’ diva and rapper Nicki Minaj. The perfume is called ‘Minajesty’ and when I say that it is worth seeking out I do so with the disclaimer that I am solely referring to the perfume’s crazy flacon and not the fragrance itself, which is, as one would expect, your generic fruity syrup/celebrity fragrance dreck.

There’s just something so wonderfully outrageous about Minajesty’s faceless doll bottle that is undeniably fabulous (it really is ridiculous). I’m personally filing it under the category of; ‘so tacky and hideous that it is beautiful’, but I also think it’s an interesting comment that the bottle (along with the bottle for Minaj’s other perfume – ‘Pink Friday’) is modelled on the singer herself, as after all, what is a celebrity fragrance if it is not a vanity project for the celebrity in question?

Personally, I’d quite like an army of Minajesty bottles in various sizes, strewn across my household. Why? Because they’re fabulous. Oh and because they’d scare off any burglars too. Unfortunately for me, the boss (Nigel) has banned me from purchasing something so “utterly heinous”. His words, not mine.

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