New Escentual Post: Agent Provocateur Fatale Review

“Flirt With Danger” – ‘Fatale’ the Latest Fragrance from Agent Provocateur

Lots of perfumes are sold on the basis that they are ‘sexy’. All one needs to do to see proof of this is simply peruse an assortment of perfume ads, which will inevitably show attractive men and lady folk in varying states of undress post and pre-coitus. Sex sells, of course, and the perfume world is not immune to this, meaning that where fragrance goes, ‘sexy’ is never far behind.

One brand that is not averse to racy perfumes is Agent Provocateur. Their wardrobe of fragrances (or should that be ‘knicker draw of fragrances’?) is full of retro, glamour puss perfumes that are instantly evocative of silk stockings, garter belts and frilly brassieres. ‘Fatale’, their latest perfume, feels very much like a step into the mainstream and plays with the idea of a powdery ‘fruitchouli’ in an enjoyable, but not particularly erotic manner.

For my Escentual column this week, I have taken a close look at this new fragrance and whether it feels more fun than foxy (spoiler: it does). So, if you’re in the mood to read about a femme without the fatale then please click here to head on over to Escentual. As always, don’t forget to let me know what you think of Fatale, if you’ve given it a try, or even what your favourite sexy fragrance is.

Fatale by Agent Provocateur (Jean-Marc Chaillan; 2014)

Fatale by Agent Provocateur (Jean-Marc Chaillan; 2014)

Sample via Agent Provocateur. Images via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. I am affiliated with the brand, however my views are my own.



6 thoughts on “New Escentual Post: Agent Provocateur Fatale Review

  1. This sounds rather tame & ‘washed-out’ for them, which I think is rather unfortunate. I think their offerings are actually rather good for what they are.) … It seems too they’re finally moving away from their signature ‘egg’ bottle shape – (which is kinda jarring in a way). Need to feel this new one ‘in hand’ before I make up my mind ’bout it.
    I’m actually rather fond of their L’Agent – which I think is quite underrated quite frankly. – (Plus I had a brief affair with their gorgeous Strip too – a lovely amber.)

    All in all, I rather like their frags – far more than I ever thought I would. So maybe this new one might surprise me too (!?? — Tho’ if I’m honest the very last thing I feel like right now is yet another powdery fruitchouli.) :/

    • It’s clearly a step into the mainstream. Even the bottle, which as you point out is different, feel geared to be more commercial.

      The scent itself is fine enough – a nicely executed fruitchouli with some sticky iris powder. I wouldn’t buy it but there are lots of worse examples out there.

  2. I’ve been looking for sexy fragrances for some reason, so I’ve been looking into L’Agent. After reading a whole bunch of reviews, I decided it just isn’t what I’m interested in. I’ll probably try it but it isn’t high priority for me. This is my first time hearing of Fatale, and I’m not intrigued by it. And I hate the bottle.

    I went through a phase when I looked for my fruitchouli. I tried the Garden of Good and Evil By Killians and hated all of them. There may be a fruitchouli for me out there, but I’ve aborted the mission.
    Since I am a Scorpio sun and mars with a Capricorn rising and venus, I prefer for sexiness to be dark and earthy. I don’t like animalic very much–I specifically like human-dirty and earthy-dirty.
    The sexy perfumes in my collection are Black Cashmere, Kingdom and Muscs Koublai Khan. I’m going to be receiving a sample of Dior’s Leather Oud soon. A lot of the reviews on sites like fragrantica say it is for men only, but I thought ”challenge accepted”.
    I also like Amber Oud and Rose Oud by By Killian. For low-key sexy, I like Eau des Merveilles, Mazzolari Patchouli, Costume National 21, Comme des Garcons (1994).
    I have a sample of Nu, but I’m saving it for when I go to Berlin for my masters so I’ve only tried it once and I used a tiny bit, but I think I can say that it is very sexy.

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